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Posted by yiwu agent sellersunion on April 18th, 2022

The supplier delays the delivery period, which is the problem that the buyer will often encounter when purchasing products. Many factors may lead to this problem. Sometimes it is even a small problem, it may also cause no way to deliver on time.

Some time ago, we received a question from the Chile customer Marin. He said he has ordered a batch of 10,000 dollar goods in China. When the delivery period is approaching, the supplier say that they need to delay delivery. And dragged for a long time, each time there is different excuses and reasons. His English isn\'t very good, so it is difficult to understand the details when communicate with supplier. By now, this batch of goods have been delayed for two months, Marin is very urgent. He saw our company\'s information on Google, so he sought our help.

Survey And Negotiate with His Supplier

We\'re always willing to help clients solve their problems, so we start to intervene. After our Spanish-speaking salesman Valeria had an in-depth communication with Marin, we went to investigate his supplier. We found that Marin\'s supplier were offering him below market prices.  It is precisely because of the low price they quoted that Marin choose to cooperate with them. But they couldn\'t complete the negotiation with the original factory at the price quoted to Marin, so the supplier transferred the order to another factory without telling Marin.

This factory has problems in all aspects. The technology of workers, the quality of the machine, and the quality of the packaging hasn\'t reached the quality of the previous sample. Because it belongs to the factory of the family workshop, the production efficiency is very low.

We have negotiated with his supplier for Marin. Although this isn\'t within our scope of responsibilities, we are very willing to solve problems in our ability. The result of the negotiation, his supplier needs to pay the loss of the latency shipment to Marin, and it needs to be shipped to Marin according to the quality and quantity specified in the contract.

Find A New Reliable Supplier for Him

Because Marin doesn\'t want to continue working with that supplier, he entrusted us to help him find other reliable suppliers. After understanding the situation, through our supplier resources, we find the most suitable factories for him. The factory also sent us sample. The quality is same as the customer\'s original sample. Since this factory is our regular cooperation, the degree of cooperation is high. After hearing about our client\'s situation, he expressed his willingness to provide us with some help. They produced the goods in the fastest time and sent it to our warehouse.

We tested the quality, packaging, materials, etc. of the product, and photographed photos and videos to Marin, allowing customers to see the product more intuitively, understand the progress in real time. Although shipping has been difficult in the past two years, we have several freight forwarders that have stabilized cooperation, which can get more containers than other companies. In the end, this batch of goods quickly delivered to the customer.


Have you seen it? This is the reason for the buyer needs to be cautious when importing from China. Many problems may arise at each import link.

When serving customers, we always think of all the problems for them, even some questions they aren\'t realized. This kind of work attitude that considers customers, let our customers be willing to cooperate with us for a long time, which is what we are most proud of. To avoid more import problems, just contact Sellers Union - Yiwu\'s largest sourcing company with 23 years of experience.

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