Tree of Savior Most Popular Classes Recommend by Superior Players with TOS silve

Posted by goldsafe21 on May 18th, 2016

Hello, new players in Tree of Savior! Do you want to join in the most popular class of Tree of Savior? Are you curious about which is the most popular one? Here, Safewow has summed up several most popular classes which are recommend by superior players.

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QS 3 — Fletcher 3 is a better way
A lot of superior players recommended that going A1 — QS 3 — Fletcher 3 is a better way to enjoy Tree of Savior. QS3 is one of the most SP efficient classes in the game, because all you really use is Running Shot in most of the time. Also, Fletcher build is one of the most viewed or liked builds. It says "BEGINNER" in it, so a lot of people will probably choose it if they're new to these types of games.

Go A3 to guarantee quitting your character
Many players recommended that going A3 is the best way to guarantee quitting your character at level 200. What’s more, going A3 will be easily to increase your ranges.

Swordsman has fun in it's own way
Although going Swordsman is a little awful compared to the other classes but it's still fun in it's own way. And there are many player think that the most popular class is Swordsman without Pelasta. As a Swordsman main, you will do crap for damage but you are pretty supported and parties will always want you.

No matter which class in Tree of Savior is most popular among players, you should choose one that you like and fitted for your playing habits. Whenever you need Tree of Savior Silver, just come to Safewow, because we provide services on a 24-hour basis. Welcome to buy cheap Tree of Savior gold. Have fun!

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