How to Deal with Negative Emotions Positively

Posted by mehul on April 19th, 2022

“Don\'t fight against negative emotions- It’s exhausting. Try to embrace them instead.”

? Anoir Ou-Chad


Life is a mixed bag of emotions, isn’t it? Having both highs and lows is a part and parcel of life. Everyone has their share of disgust, sadness, happiness, and joy. When sadness or grief strikes, emotions like anger, disgust, and fear crop in our minds. Negative emotions make us feel poor in some way or the other. They are very unpleasant in nature and can arise from situations like losing a valued possession, anger emerging when stuck in traffic, guilt that comes after not following a specific diet, etc. The list is endless! We feel these emotions every now and then.

Now, you must be wondering that we know all of this but how to deal with such emotions in a positive manner? This question always arises in our minds. Studies have shown that, instead of fighting negative emotions, it’s better to embrace them. This statement might seem weird but let me explain. As you can see the quote of Anoir Ou-Chad, he rightly says that fighting negative emotions can be exhausting. You will start avoiding negative emotions, which will give you temporary relief but some or the other time, they will all come together and overwhelm you with all their might!

To avoid such situations, we have to learn to accept these emotions and whisper to your mind, “I know (negative emotion type) are currently residing in my mind but I accept them. These emotions are not permanent. They will disappear as fast as they have arrived!” Such statements can work wonders for you. Want to delve deeper in this topic? Read on. If you still feel the need to have one-on-one consultation to deal with negative emotions, you can always contact Tending Minds, one of the best psychological clinics in Pune and book your appointment.

Here are some ways to deal with negative emotions in a better way. Follow the A.I.R (Acknowledge. Identify. Respond.) method whenever negative emotions travel across your soul!


Acknowledgement is more important than solution. Without acknowledging the problem, how will you know that it exists? When you have such emotions, first acknowledge that this particular emotion has entered and is trying to cause trouble. Understanding and accepting the emotions can reduce your stress to a great extent. But remember, even if you acknowledge the emotion, don’t ruminate on it. Remember, that they will eventually fade away. Until that happens, just mindfully hold some space for them


After acknowledgement, rather than focusing on causes, pay attention to the emotion. Ask yourself. “What is causing distress and why?” This question can assist you in understanding the message that the particular negative emotion is trying to give you. Then, you can analyze more closely and come to a conclusion instead of ruminating as mentioned in the earlier paragraph.


After these steps, your response plays a vital role. No matter how bad a emotion is, your response decides the outcome. If you respond to your emotion in a healthy way, you won’t feel bad for long. Furthermore, you can simply focus on the things that are under your control, which can be managed and resolved.

These steps are necessary for dealing with negative emotions in a positive way. Once you learn to manage your negative emotions effectively, you will be able to love yourself more and enjoy the present moment. For an in-depth and customized consultation on this topic, you can always contact Tending Minds and book an appointment. 

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