GREENMAX EPS compactors help recycle take away food EPS packaging from the ocean

Posted by Kuajing Plus on April 20th, 2022

The increasingly serious marine pollution has attracted people\'s double attention. Marine debris not only affects the animals and plants of the ocean, but also threatens the entire ecosystem, and finally endangers human health. The Australian government is very concerned about marine pollution. The Australian Government is investing million (2019 – 2025) in the Pacific Ocean Litter Project (POLP) to reduce sources of marine litter in the Pacific Ocean. The Project will focus on the most prevalent types of single-use plastic litter such as plastic bags, take away food EPS (polystyrene) packaging, plastic straws, and PET bottles. 


When it comes to take away food EPS packaging, everyone must be very familiar with lunch boxes made of this material that we often see in our daily life. It is also one of the important components of marine waste. At this time, everyone will say why not stop using such lunch boxes? Stopping the use of take away food EPS packaging is not a simple matter because so far the foodservice industry has not found a better material to replace EPS. EPS lunch boxes are cheap, lightweight, and have good thermal insulation properties, which are favored by the catering industry. Since we can\'t prevent the use of take away food EPS packaging from the root cause, we can do a good job in recycling.

Intco Recycling GREENMAX has designed and manufactured various types of EPS recycling machines, which provide good news for the recycling of take away food EPS packaging. Among them, EPS compactors are very suitable for recycling EPS food boxes. GREENMAX not only provides EPS recycling machines but also provides complete EPS recycling solutions to help customers form complete recycling closed loop. GREENMAX has the functions of a machinery company and a recycling company at the same time.


First, we put the EPS into the crushing bin of the EPS compactor to break the take away food EPS packaging into EPS fragments, and then the EPS is squeezed by the screw and compressed into a dense EPS block. The volume of the compressed EPS becomes one-fifth of the original volume. Due to the reduction in volume, the transportation cost during the recycling process is also greatly reduced.


GREENMAX repurchases compressed EPS. After being compressed by an EPS compactor, waste take away food EPS packaging is given a new mission to make plastic pellets. GREENMAX uses these plastic particles to make environmentally friendly frames. With an EPS compactor, catering-related companies can not only help reduce marine debris but also form a closed economic loop with the help of GREENMAX. Selling EPS scrap can give you a decent income to build your business.

If you have any questions about EPS compactors, you can consult GREENMAX at any time. We also accept personalized customization of EPS recycling machines. If you are interested in EPS recycling and are willing to contribute to marine environmental protection, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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