5 Benefits That You Can Get From A High Density Polymer

Posted by Michael Luis on April 22nd, 2022

For a long time, lead has been used in the engineering field. Lead is a heavy metal that gives protection from radiation. Its heavyweight is also helpful for vibration absorption. Due to this reason, we see widespread use of lead in different industries including ammunition.  

Unfortunately, lead has a big problem in that it is also a toxic element. Scientists have found a new high density polymer that is a good alternative to lead. Ecomass is the name of this compound. Let’s understand a few benefits that this high density polymer offers.

?    Benefits of high density polymer

1.    Ecomass can be molded into any shape very easily
2.    Ecomass is 100% non-toxic to humans and other animals
3.    Ecomass is a top-class vibration absorption material
4.    Ecomass has very high strength and it is very durable
5.    Ecomass costs way less than lead and similar materials

?    Why Ecomass is so popular in different industries?

Working with this high density polymer is very easy. With a little bit of heat, this material can be molded into any shape. For this reason, this material can be used for complex machine parts. Different OEMs have understood the potential of this material and they are now developing new auto parts with it.

Although it is very easy to mold, it offers very high strength and durability. Hence, this material can be used in extreme engineering fields. You would be surprised to know that defense researchers have developed this material to replace bullet tips.

Initially, this material was developed to replace lead bullet tips. Lead bullets are highly dangerous to the environment. On the other hand, Ecomass is 100% non-toxic to humans and other animals. This material doesn’t cause heavy metal poisoning. Due to this reason, many ammunition manufacturers have started using this material in bullet tips.

This high density polymer has also gained popularity for radiation shielding. Radiation shields made from this material blocks Alpha, Beta, and Gama rays. Along with different atomic plants, many hospitals have also chosen this radiation shield over lead ones. At that same time, it is also a good vibration dampening material.

Long with these benefits, Ecomass is also a very inexpensive material. For this reason, it is cost-effective to use this material in different industrial applications. Engineers from different fields got impressed after seeing the benefits of this material. Due to this reason, everyone is adopting this material for different purposes.

As a metal, lead cannot fulfill all demands of modern industries. Most modern industries want durable materials that can withstand extreme conditions. At that same, the material has to be non-toxic. Unfortunately, lead has failed to meet this requirement.

On the other hand, Ecomass is the best non-toxic high density polymer. Along with its durable capacity, it comes at a much lower price. For this reason, every industry can include this material very easily. The popularity of this non-toxic high density polymer is increasing day by day. Recently, a golf club manufacturer has used this material to make high-performance golf clubs. Their innovative golf club has become a big hit in the market.


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