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Posted by Danyking on May 18th, 2016

One of biggest issues I had with this DLC is not even anything to do with the actual DLC itself, it’s more of a lack of an ability that I feel should be a necessity with this type of content. The missions you’re sent out on are ones where you have to quietly, covertly, kill people in Tamriel or within an instance area.

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However, doing so can be extremely difficult, especially when some require you to do it under a set time limit. You can’t control the path the NPCs take, at times those paths keep them in spots you can’t successfully do your task, so you’re forced to wait in the shadows for an opportune time. What I kept getting frustrated with was, why isn’t there a distract option? Throw a rock, make a noise, have that NPC look or move elsewhere. Allow you a bit more control over the situation. Something like this wouldn’t be easy to do. With ESO being a MMORPG you’d have a lot of griefers just distracting NPCs so other people would have a hard time trying to carry about their missions. But it would make the experience seem more authentic.

This brings me to the next issue, an issue that I never experienced on PTS but one I suspect is going to become a large one when it goes live. The jobs you’re sent out to perform are typically NPCs that roam throughout the cities or areas. Either you kill a specific person or a set number of citizens. These areas aren’t instanced and neither are the NPCs (at least not from what I can tell). The PTS isn’t very busy even at peak times. It was rare to see anyone else doing the same thing I was doing. But on the live servers, that’s a completely different story. You’ll have a lot of people doing the same tasks as you, trying to find the person or people you need for your contract is going to become very troublesome, especially when you throw in griefers.
I have no idea how ZOS will try and elevate this potential problem or if it will be one. But I do suspect that at the very least, the first couple of weeks it will be hard to find your targets.
As for the story in this DLC, Lawrence Schick and his team of incredibly writers have out done themselves. This story was, for me, a lot better than the Thieves Guild. I found the Thieves Guild story to be slow and drawn out while this one was encapsulating. It kept my attention and the final kill, let me just say I hope Zenimax does those types of options more frequently.

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