What Makes CodeIgniter the Best Framework for Developing Custom Software?

Posted by Web Development India on April 23rd, 2022

What Makes CodeIgniter the Best Framework for Developing Custom Software?

Growing companies evolve, and their internal procedures are fine-tuned to maximise efficiency and productivity. Because of the magnitude of the processes and the originality involved, these companies cannot grow using pre-made software. As a result, for growing organisations and startups, custom software development is the best option. Enterprise software spending is expected to reach approximately 6 billion by 2021, according to Statista. Custom software development allows a company to improve and personalise solutions for operations such as accounting, human resource management, supply chain management, and more.

When bespoke software and off-the-shelf software are compared, custom software gives the firm an advantage in terms of flexibility and unique capabilities. Off-the-shelf software packages, on the other hand, are designed with a worldwide audience in mind, leaving limited room for customisation and affecting productivity.

Personalized Software -

  • Better security as a result of development and the attention to business niches and vulnerabilities that is required.
  • The business can benefit from automation capabilities, which saves time and money.
  • A continual growth of roles and capacities provides business with economies of scale.
    trustworthy technical support that is knowledgeable with the software\'s architecture

When it comes to constructing stunning websites or applications, however, a versatile scripting language such as PHP is required because it allows for framework integration. These are pre-built blocks of code that speed up and simplify the building of applications and websites. CakePHP, Zend, Laravel, and Drupal are examples of PHP frameworks that can be used during the development process.

The CodeIgniter PHP framework, on the other hand, is favoured among developers when it comes to creating strong and efficient online applications.

Why is CodeIgniter Best Option For Your Business?

  •  Affordability
    The open-source framework is the most significant advantage of using CodeIgniter for software development. This enables developers to create very flexible apps with plenty of room for future scalability. The CI framework development process entails the on-demand availability of numerous libraries of codes that may be utilised to improve productivity and result in the production of a speedier, more dependable website and web application for the company.
  •  Doesn\'t necessitate as much code
    One of the most common reasons for the CodeIgniter framework\'s popularity among web developers is its coding efficiency. This is achievable thanks to its ability to integrate numerous third-party plugins into the code while developing it. This saves the coder from writing the code for every small function while as a business it makes your website less prone to bugs and errors in the future.

Framework based on Model-View-Controller
The CodeIgniter MVC framework allows for quick development while also ensuring that the website runs smoothly. When a user queries the website\'s servers for information, the controller responds first. If the request is authentic, the controller retrieves and provides the data for the user while adhering to a highly secure safety standard to protect the user\'s privacy.

  •  It\'s light.

Because of its lightweight nature, CodeIgniter is a popular choice for creating MVPs and Prototypes. Web apps built with CodeIgniter are lightweight and pleasing to the eye, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. The development of the CI framework is superior to that of other similar frameworks because it has been well maintained for nearly a decade. Furthermore, one of the top reasons why CodeIgniter is the finest solution for your web development needs is the simple installation process.

  •  Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There was a time when web creation had little to do with marketing, but as the rivalry for higher search engine ranks has increased, it has been important to focus on SEO. This is why the CodeIgniter framework includes libraries of code to help with your website\'s SEO. It can also be used with SEO plugins during development because of its extremely customizable nature.

  •  Encryption and security

Because PHP is a backend language that works with data on a regular basis, keeping data secure and encrypted is one of the most important considerations when building a website. Cross-site scripting, or XSS, is one of the most common issues among developers, and CodeIgniter has a dedicated XSS filtering security solution to address this. This prevents dangerous JavaScript code from being injected or cookies from being hijacked.

  • A wealth of information is available.

The public domain documentation for CodeIgniter is one of the best reasons to use it. In addition, the CodeIgniter framework has a fast developing community of web developers that are eager to help through numerous online forums. Additionally, a large number of YouTube videos are available to help developers with any questions they may have about the feature.

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