Highly Customized Hettich Modular Kitchen Designs

Posted by Alan Waler on April 23rd, 2022

For those who didn\'t know anything about the Hettich Modular kitchen - Hettich is one of the most popular and branded German kitchen hardware brands that provide high-quality kitchen accessories and all kitchen cabinet products. The brand delivers a wide variety of modular kitchen accessories that satisfy the requirements of any modern home. They are specially designed using robust and advanced technology to meet the multifarious functions and fitting requirements of the kitchen. They integrate technique, style, and the most delinquent design ideologies in the products.

Multiple products manufactured and designed by Hettich Modular kitchen are drawer runners, sliding doors, hinges, planning aids, furniture locking systems, drawer systems, doors systems for kitchens, fitting systems for office organization, and flap fittings.

Hettich - home to the best modular kitchen styles

Hettich brand is known as the most intelligent kitchen brand that fits all the requirements of a contemporary modular kitchen. Their high-quality designs are ergonomic, spacious, and well-organized. These perfectly fitted designs make it easy to keep all the modular kitchen appliances and meals in the right place. It features modern kitchen cabinets for holding food that makes your life in the kitchen hassle-free. The brand has all the customized designs available that solve all the common challenges in the kitchen.


A range of products to choose from Hettich modular kitchen brand

Hettich delivers a wide range of products based on the latest designs and brings out the best in your modular kitchen. Given the technology, they embrace the production process. They analyze all demand segments to manufacture customized products that satisfy the various specs of customers. Some of the most delinquent design crazes that the Hettich brand has come up with include furniture with opinionated and revealing surfaces, easy-to-move handless wardrobes, open furniture, and noiseless system drawers.


Long-lasting products

Hettich Modular Kitchen\'s products and accessories are last longer than any other brands available on the market with their multifunctional attributes. Their products and accessories will last longer to provide you the significance & value for your cash that you invest in buying them. The brand embraces the state of the art technology with versatile modular kitchen appliances and interconnected products. Drawer systems and runners are most useful in different places which make the Hettich brand a must-have for every homeowner.

Hettich Kitchen Interior Fittings


  • Concealed Hinges
  • Butt Hinges

Flap Fittings

  • Lift advanced
  • Flap Stay

Drawer Runners

  • Quadro Drawer Runners

o   Silent System Full extension

o   Silent System Part extension

o   Part extension

o   Push to open Part Extension

  • Ball Bearing Slides KA
  • Roller Runner FR

Drawer Systems

  • MultiTech
  • InnoTech
  • ArciTech

Drawer Accessories

  • Tray
  • Add on kit for Pot and Pan Drawer
  • Double railing kit for Pot and Pan Drawer
  • Plate rack for Pot and Pan Drawer
  • Anti-slip mats

Wire Baskets

  • Cargotech

o   Inlets for plates, thalis, cups, saucers, cup & saucer combo, etc.

o   Dish Drainers

  • Cargo Midway series

o   Roll Holder

o   Saucer Rack

o   Oil-container Rack

o   Multi-Purpose Rack

o   Jar Rack

o   Railing 1200mm with connectors

  • Cutlery Baskets
  • Portable dish drainers

Other kitchen interior fittings

Base unit interior fittings

  • Bottle Pull out
  • Bin holder
  • Wicker Basket
  • Under-sink Basket
  • Worktop Extension
  • Detergent Holder
  • Dustbin holder
  • Cylinder Trolley
  • Spice pull out

Overhead unit interior fittings

  • Dish drainer
  • Pull out shelves
  • Bottle Pull out

Corner solutions

  • Moving corner
  • Carousel
  • CargoMan



Magic Lights

  • Spotlights
  • Linear lights
  • Special Lights

How the Hettich brand is different from Competitors in India?

Today, the Hettich German brand has several manufacturing units worldwide of which two manufacturing units are in India itself. The brand provides a lifetime warranty for almost all the products and this makes the brand different and unique from its competitors. You can buy Hettich modular kitchen products and accessories at the best price only at Wudley Modulars. Wudley Modulars is one of the fastest-growing modular kitchen manufacturers and suppliers available in the market. In case of any queries or doubts, please feel free to connect with us. We would be very happy to revert to you back. Any feedback from your side is highly welcomed. For more information about wardrobe inside design please visit: At wudleymodularkitchens

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