The super tweeter is a high-end audio component that improves bass

Posted by Coherent Market insights on April 25th, 2022

Any home audio system will benefit from the Super Tweeter\'s excellent fidelity. The Super Tweeter is designed to sit on top of your existing speaker and can be utilised from 8kHz to 40kHz. The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter provides customisable bright and detailed sound, boosts the stereo sound field width and depth, and accentuates ultra-high frequency extension with 5 preset crossover points and a new Treble Adjust knob up to -5 dB.

Super tweeter is primarily stand-alone devices that are added to high-end audio speakers in order to improve their ability to reproduce extremely high frequencies in music, up to and including those beyond 20,000 Hz. These ultra-high frequencies combine harmonically with lower frequencies, resulting in a more realistic sounding music rendering.

 A super tweeter is designed to respond well to ultrasonic frequencies greater than 20 kHz, which is considered the upper frequency limit of human hearing. Super tweeters have been developed for psychoacoustic testing, extended-range digital audio such as Super Audio CD aimed at audiophiles, biologists studying animal response to sound, and zoo ambient sound systems.

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