Keepsake Jewelry is a Meaningful Way to Remember Your Lost Ones!

Posted by Andrew S Wilson on April 25th, 2022

Remembering your loved one, while wearing jewelry is not a new trend for this world. This trend is there for a long time now. Even during the ancient time, people use to keep an item that is used by their loved one so that when such person is deceased they can still remember him or her. During the 17th and 18th century, the families of the deceased one use to give the mourning rings to other people as the symbol of their social stats. Those rings use to carry details such as name of the decease person, birth date and death date. These details are engraved on the ring. It’s a kind of trend that has continued till the early part of 1900s. After this the trend for wearing the jewelry for ashes has came into the act.

It was the Civil War time which was also known as the Victorian Era when people’s perspective about death has changed. But before that time people use to collect the hair lock of the deceased one and wear that along with jewelries. Those were called as the cremation jewelries. Even the Queen Victoria herself has collected her deceased husband’s hair lock and she use to wear it with a brooch close to her heart and she continued wearing that brooch till the end of her life. Keepsake jewelry announced now by The Steel Shop is no different. Only the forms and designs of these jewelries have changed. But they are still worn by people with the same sort of objective in mind.

When peoples’ perspective about death started to change, they opted for cremating their loved ones instead of burying them. Due to this reason, they were able to collect the ashes of the loved ones. And they have started making such jewelries in which the ashes can be poured and stored safely and those jewelries can hold the ashes without any problem. This is how the jewelry for ashes came into existence. And now the forms and designs of these jewelries have changed a lot. Pendant hanging from a necklace can also be considered as the keepsake jewelry, provided that pendant has the provision to carry the ashes safely.

And when you wear such jewelry for ashes, you can really keep the loved one close to your heart for a long time. This is surely a good way to remember the deceased ones and keep their memories alive! Controversy is always there when it comes to the use of the keepsake jewelry. Families use to come up with different perspectives with such use of the jewelry.

Despite all these aspects, jewelry for ashes is always considered the most meaningful way to remember the loved ones who are not now with us. They have dies and it’s a fact and they are not going to come back and this is again also a fact! But surely we can wear the keepsake jewelry and keep them alive in the memories and that’s the best thing that we can do.

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