Get a Hot Wire Foam Cutting Tool Online for Quicker DIY Projects

Posted by Cally Ana on May 18th, 2016

If you love using foam for crafts at home, you must have faced the problem of handling the material many times. Foam is quite difficult to cut and if you have to get a definite shape, then it gets even more complicated. The struggle with a sharp paper cutter can be overwhelming and chances are, you might give up on the craft or switch to some other material. Fortunately, there is a very apt solution to deal with this problem. Just get yourself a DIY hot knife foam cutter online.

These are available in a variety of types. So, it becomes convenient to choose a tool that is best suited for your type of project, the thickness of the foam you use and also the shapes that you are planning to cut out of the foam.

For polystyrene foam and similar materials, you can easily find a hot wire foam cutting tool online that is fairly easy to work with but allows better precision in the work. You also have the option to choose from different types of cutters like preformed or tensioned.

How does a hot wire foam cutting tool work?
As the name suggests, the tool makes use of a thin wire that has to be heated in order to slice easily through foam sheets. It does not leave any dust behind and that is why, it is considered as a very good option.

How does a hot knife foam cutter work?
Just like a hot wire cutter, this tool makes use of a knife blade that works in the same manner. It is usually suitable for thicker foam sheets which are difficult to cut even by the hot wire cutters.

Two other kinds of foam cutters that can be used for small projects at home.
Apart from the cutters already mentioned, you can use tools that use abrasive and diamond wires. These wires do not use heat in the cutting process. They simply cut through the material with high friction. Also, they are available with different levels of coarseness which affect the amount of dust that is produced.

Precautions to take while working with foam cutting tools
Irrespective of the kind of foam cutter that you use, there are several things to take care of before as well as during the process. In case of the heat based cutters, you should be careful not to touch the wire. In addition to that, you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the smoke that is released. If you are using the abrasive alternatives, just be careful with the blades and keep your face covered from the dust.

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