Qatar Football World Cup: Music is a universal phenomenon that binds everyone

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As the world watches Doha for the Qatar World Cup 2022 Draw, the audience enjoyed a series of games highlighting the region\'s rich heritage, emphasizing Qatar legend. At the heart of the show was Journey to Fiji Art, an audio and visual piece that honored Fiji, a musical song sung by pearl divers from the Arabian Gulf region?

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The episode brought together the traditional sounds of \'nahham \', pearl diving artists, and electronic music to reflect the integration of the Qatar Football World Cup 2022 culture it aims to create, as it hosts the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East and the Arab world. The main driving force was Faisal Al Tamimi, a Qatari composer and cultural activist who dedicated his life to celebrating Qatari culture.

Music and the arts have played a major role in my life since I was a little girl. I was also determined to listen to less popular music, and the older I got, the more I wanted to learn about the origin of this amazing music, the more I realized that the more I learned, the more I grew. I have seen how deep our culture, says Al Tamimi from his higher education institution in Doha, where he welcomes guests to the world of Qatar’s traditional arts and crafts.

Although Al Tamimi was a football-loving boy who always dreamed of playing well, his love of art diminished his ambitions on the field. After graduating from social sciences, he pursued a career in art, managing cultural groups that played at major events, all intending to revive Qatar\'s culture, including costumes, music, and crafts. The games include the opening ceremonies of the 11th Arabian Gulf Cup in 1992 and the 2006 Asian Games.

In any society, traditional art is a manifestation of everyday customs. With this art, the way society lives are written down. That is the purpose of traditional art. Its meaning comes from its ability to define the communities we live in - not from the invention of the music itself and that is why it is so important for me to preserve and revitalize this art, adding Al Tamimi his outstanding work covering a wide range of disciplines, including music and writing, theater and set design.

In the three years building up to the final painting, Al Tamimi has worked on a project to bring music from the Gulf to international audiences. Working with producers around the world, Al Tamimi sought to incorporate traditional music from the Gulf and the impact of electronic and jazz. I was shocked at first because I was worried that it would be rejected by the audience, both in Qatar and in the region, and around the world. But I firmly believe that music is a normal part of life.

It is a language that everyone understands. So why not close the distances between different repertoires and get out of our music shells? It was in this art experiment that Al Tamimi began working with Katara Studios and American composer Greg M. Johnson to compose and direct a piece made during the painting. The piece featured a nahham voice composed of Johnson\'s songs, all set against a visual background inspired by design features found in Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums.

Fijian art describes life in this part of the world hundreds of years before oil was discovered. Sung by sailors on the coast, or on the boats themselves, the songs give a detailed account of what life was like in Qatar and the Gulf at that time. I chose to paint in painting because this art form represents an important milestone in the history of this region of significant transformation from the basic economy of pearl diving to energy, which is fueled by oil, says Al Tamimi.For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

My goal is for everyone to learn about Qatar’s complex cultural practices, especially about how giving and hospitality play an important role in shaping our identity. I want the fans who come to the World Cup to go with part of our culture. I would love to see an English fan wearing a traditional thobe and gahfiya, or a Japanese fan with a standard coffee pot. I want fans to come up with something that can remind them of the beauty of our culture, adds Al Tamimi.

Sharing Qatar\'s cultural heritage with millions of people was a wonderful time in my life

When Ali Al Haddad took to the stage during the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, most spectators were introduced to the art of Fiji for the first time. The vocal song is native to the marine communities living in the Arabian Gulf, traditionally performed on pearl diving boats or on the beach that they receive after a day at sea. Al Haddad has played the role of Nahham, a leading performer of audio and visual compositions that combine traditional ferrous sounds and addictive electronic music, with a mix of cultures Qatar aims to achieve.

The FIFA World Cup later this year. Sharing Qatar\'s cultural heritage with hundreds of millions of people was a wonderful time in my life. Being able to present to the world audience in an artistic way that defines who we are was a moment I will never forget, said Al Haddad, who is regarded as one of the best nahham actors in the region, who won the competition which was attended in 2019.

In addition to being a vocalist, Al Haddad\'s traditional practices extend to the creation of handicrafts and the construction of pearl diving vessels. For him, these different guides are all part of the historically fundamental culture that forms the core of Qatar’s identity. Al Haddad said: The nahham sounds are the true face of Qatar\'s identity. Without our cultural experience as seafarers, who have built our communities from the beauty of pearls?

We would not be what we are today, which is why sharing this particular piece of our cultural heritage during the last painting was so important to me. Al Haddad comes from a family dedicated to the preservation of Qatar\'s cultural heritage, with his father involved in traditional jewelry making and his uncle working as a designer and builder of traditional boats, originally used by various pearls throughout Arabia. Gulf. For him, cultural preservation is a way of life.

I want to make sure that we continue to revitalize this kind of art and celebrate it for generations. It is an art that represents our resilience as human beings to overcome the cruelty of desert life at a time when we had the ocean to feed our communities, he said. The piece, which was presented at a children\'s nomination ceremony, A Journey into the Art of Fijiri, was produced by renowned Qatari artist Faisal Al Tamimi, and American composer Greg M. Johnson.

It was performed live on stage compared to a background image inspired by the many designs available at the eight venues that will host the competition. Fijian art is unique as it combines the magic of nahham voice with the complexity of the strings that emanate his voice from the sea. I want the world to know more about this genre and learn more about it, and I hope that the World Cup will play a big role in sharing this genre with the rest of the world, said Al Haddad.

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