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Posted by Trust care on April 26th, 2022

Alcoholism is known to be one of the most uncomfortable and serious form of issues with drinking which has the audacity to cause harm to one’s health for a long period of time making your body be lethal and lazy at all times with having sincere issues of low immunity, where one oftenly feels an uncontrollable obsession with the drink with having a strong desire to drink oftenly. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that alcoholism can also be condemned as alcohol dependence or addiction with recognition of being a type of ‘alcohol-use disorder’ which can also be treated as there stands to be a great difference between harmful drinking and casual drinking as the pattern between both of them is completely different where harmful drinking stands to become an actual dependence causing sincere damage to one’s health too. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India states that an individual once depending on alcohol thus will always place the drinking activity above any other important work which involves the family, peers etc. and will not also share any physical tolerance as well with meaning to drink more which can also share some sincere withdrawal symptoms which would be indeed very hard to stop in the mere future. 


It is very hard to spot and fix the dependency of alcohol as people with issues of alcohol abuse mainly deal with secretive drinking as a point as they start to feel irritated and frustrated with the fact of being confronted in the public for their drinking capacity at times. Thus doctors have observed and assessed many drinkers where they straightly depend upon alcohol for every work they do and have access to it in every nook and corner where they indeed have a very strong internal drive from within where they use alcohol as their getaway also at times. TheAlcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India has stated some of the symptoms which can make them look that they are indeed delved with being alcoholic and have a strong obsession over alcohol. They are as follows:


?       There lies a strong obsession control over alcohol where one also have difficulty to have a strong capture over the long drinking sessions where they wait to start drink after a short span of time, where all day long they would have the tendency to continuously consume while starting unconditionally and acting in an inappropriate behaviour on occasions such as on weddings or in clubs etc.


?       Their main priority in life is to only intake alcohol where they forget about their regular responsibilities, do not care about their health and about their family or peers and mainly just focus on drinking while ignoring all the negative results at the end.


?       They do not care about any physical or mental effect from drinking and also ignore all the signs of tolerance where withdrawal symptoms are indeed irritating to them making them ferocious and frustrated.



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