What Are the Suggested Vegetables and Fruits for a Pet Rabbit's Diet?

Posted by Shally Warner on April 26th, 2022



Rabbits in the wild all over the world consume different varieties of plants. Many types of dry and fresh plants and grasses comprise a large part of a rabbit\'s diet. You are required to know your pet rabbit\'s diet when you are undergoing rabbit breeding. 

This article will list some of the fruits and vegetables that rabbits consume and what types of fruits and vegetables you need to buy from the markets to feed your rabbit.  

Hay is a Portion of Important Rabbit Food. 

The majority of the house rabbit\'s diet is composed of grass hay. This grass hay is rich in Vitamin A and D; it is also rich in Calcium, proteins, and other nutrients. When a rabbit consumes healthy hay, it helps keep its teeth healthy and its gastrointestinal tract. They need to be available to your rabbit at all times.

You need to avoid the use of alfalfa hay as the main source of hay as it is high in proteins and calories, and this is far more than something that the average house rabbit needs. Fresh foods should also be made an important part of your rabbit\'s diet.


List of Fruits and Vegetables for Rabbit\'s Diet  

Some of the fruits and vegetables that can be a part of your rabbit\'s diet are as follows:

  • Leafy greens I

  1. Spinach 

  2. Parsley 

  3. Swiss chard

  4. Beet greens

  5. Radish tops

  6. Sprouts

  7. Mustard greens  

  • Leafy greens II

  1. Carrot tops

  2. Cucumber leaves 

  3. Endive 

  4. Frisee lettuce 

  5. Mache

  6. red/green lettuce

  7. Mint

  8. Dandelion greens

  9. Turnip greens

  10. Basil

  11. Watercress

  12. Wheatgrass

  13. Chicory 

  14. Raspberry leaves 

  15. Dill leaves 

  • Non-leafy vegetables 

Non-leafy vegetables should not comprise more than 155 of your rabbit\'s diet

  1. Broccoli (steams/leaves)

  2. Carrot 

  3. Bell peppers

  4. Chinese pea pods

  5. Edible flowers

  6. Broccolini 

  7. Summer squash 

  8. Zucchini squash 

  9. Brussel sprouts 

  10. Celery 

  • Fruits 

Fruits should not comprise more than 10% of your rabbit\'s diet. You need to wash the fruits thoroughly and leave the skin on the fruit and if you are concerned about chemicals in the skin, then remove it.

  1. Apple

  2. Peach 

  3. Pear

  4. Kiwi 

  5. Berries

  6. Plum 

  7. Mango 

  8. Cherries 

  9. Berris

  10. Berries (uncooked)

  11. Star fruit 

  12. Apricot 

  13. Banana 

  14. Pineapple

  15. Currants 

  16. Nectarine 

  17. Melons 

Final Words 

If you want to improve the diet of your rabbit while you are busy with rabbit breeding, you need to visit an online rabbit food supply store. You can buy the relevant fruits and vegetables that can help make a perfect diet for your rabbit. You also need to ensure that your rabbit consumes these items in the correct amount to maintain its health. 


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