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Posted by Linda Share on May 18th, 2016

For the measurement of any tangible property like land or building, a surveyor Brighton needs to be called. The role of a surveyor is to assess the value and condition of physical assets. The physical assets here could be houses or construction projects or even empty tracts of land. While most of the surveyors perform all the different kinds of measurements, there are some of them who work on specific areas. For instance, if you have to measure the safety of a new construction or an existing building, you may want to look for a specific building surveyor Brighton.

Land and buildings can cause disputes, especially the former. For anything related to land, like acquisition or division, it is always a good idea to have it measured professionally. When a surveyor Brighton does the measurement, everyone has to abide by their ruling. There is nothing one can do – except that they may file a lawsuit and even then, the chances are high that they would end up on the losing side.

Land disputes can even arise because of drainage issues. Your neighbours can file complaints if they think that because of poor drainage of your land, their properties are getting damaged. When you call for a surveyor Brighton, they will work with a civil engineer and do a topographic survey of your land and let you know how you can improve the drainage.

You will also need a surveyor when your land is deemed to be in a flood zone. The surveyor will again do an assessment and prepare their report that needs to be submitted to FEMA. This will help you have your land removed from the list of flood zones.

A building surveyor Brighton can also help resolve disputes related to existing and new properties, but their major role lies somewhere else. When a new building is being constructed or if you are looking to expand or renovate your home, you have to call for a building surveyor because you don’t want to get into problems with the authorities. And in any case, the certificate of a building surveyor is a must when you try to sell a house – no buyer will be willing to even look at your property if you cannot furnish the safety certificate issued by a building surveyor.

Even before a new construction starts, a building surveyor Brighton comes into the picture. This is done to ensure that the land on which the new construction is supposed to happen is safe. The building surveyor will also conduct their surveys from time to time during the construction process to ensure that none of the safety matters are getting compromised. While this may seem like an intrusion, you will, no doubt, realise that this is ultimately for the good of everyone.

You can find many a building surveyor Brighton in the online yellow pages or online directories. Ensure that you hire a surveyor Brighton who is a member of RICS. The surveyor will add immense value – you can be sure of that.

You can hire a surveyor Brighton for different types of measurement. For specific measurements of new and existing constructions, you may want to call for a building surveyor Brighton.

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