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Posted by SuperRender on May 18th, 2016

Rendering is more than just the application of plaster to dry wall. To those who practice it, it is seen as an art form that can transform an unmemorable surface into vibrant reflection of one’s personality. Typically used for exterior walls, rendering can also have interior application. The ‘right’ type of rendering really depends on the architecture of the home in Sydney. For modern buildings with sharp, intentional lines, smooth rendering would appeal most. If hope to achieve a more cultural appearance, textured or course exterior renderings will help you achieve your design.

Rendering will not only make your house more beautiful, but it can also increase its value. Proper rendering can even make your home more weather resistant by adding an extra layer of protection to your exterior walls.

Cement Rendering

In general, there are 3 types of cement rendering:

1.    Traditional Sand and Cement Render – Cement render combines sand, cement and lime to create a workable adhesive that reduces cracking. Various additives may be inserted into the mix to increase adhesion. This traditional render is best suited for people in search of a nice, smooth finish.
2.    Marmorino – This type of rendering is typically used as a decorative finishing for both exterior and interior facades. Marmorino is well known for its solidity and stability. It is commonly used in closed environments, like washrooms, in lieu of tiles and ceramics.
3.    Bagging Rendering – This is a more coarse and rather raw type of rendering that implements sand. The result is a rough coating of cement that is characterized by an irregular bumpy finish. To cover up bagging rendering, a finishing coating may be used. This makes the bagging rendering appear smoother and can also provide rain protection.

Acrylic Rendering

Aside from cement rendering, acrylic rendering and texture coating are two alternative options that can produce incredible results. An acrylic render is suitable for patching applications and architectural rendering. It boasts a superior bond and excellent weather resistance. Acrylic rendering is resistant to abrasion and offers a flattering and high-quality finish. It can be used for almost all surfaces like blocks, panels, concrete, cement, blueboard, and polystyrene sheet.

Texture Coating

Texture coating offers a timeless quality that regular painted surfaces can’t quite achieve. It provides a naturally flat finish that is 20x thicker than paint, making it ideal for exterior finishes.  

Rendering is a fantastic way to inject new life into your house. There are countless styles, colours, and textures to choose from, so creating a unique look to fit your distinct style isn’t a problem. Rendering can even give older homes a much-needed facelift and, more importantly, it’s cheaper than a full-on renovation.

Investing in rendering services can be a prudent move if you want to strengthen and beautify your home affordably. Rendering has the ability to seal fractures and protect our house from inclement weather, adding significant value to your home. Thinking about selling your property? Render your home to increase its curb appeal and assure prospective buyers they are making a prudent investment.

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