Are you starting in the world of buying shares on the stock market?

Posted by John Smith on April 28th, 2022

Surely you are full of questions and doubts. But don\'t worry, buying shares or ??? doesn\'t have to be complicated if you understand some fundamental principles and have a very clear vision.

We want to accompany you on this exciting path that can lead you to a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones. In this guide, we explain how to buy stocks most easily and affordably. If you follow these principles, you will save a lot of time and surely money in the long run.

Therefore, the long term is the only one that interests us and that should also be your strategy.

Buy Shares Online vs Local Banking:

Traditionally the most common way to buy shares or ??? was through your local bank. They were the bridge between your money and the stock market.

Nowadays it is much more interesting to use online brokers since they offer you better information in real-time and lower commissions.
In addition, by investing online you have access to products that your local bank will rarely offer you since they are not profitable. Some of these products are passively managed funds such as ETFs.

Advantages of Buying Stocks Online:

These are some of the advantages that you will obtain if you buy shares online:

- Lower commissions
- Real-time quote information
- Faster execution of orders
- Leverage and short selling
- More product availability

We, therefore, recommend that you start investing in stocks online. But before doing it you have to understand certain things to know that you do it through the right medium.

How to buy shares online?

To buy shares and ??? online you simply have to open an account with an online broker like a storm.mglifestyle, deposit your funds into the account, and start buying shares.

You must understand what are the broker options that exist since each one has services and a different commission system that you must understand very well so as not to be surprised.

How Does an Online Broker Work?

Brokers are companies that operate as an intermediary between the investor (you) and the stock market. They are authorized to buy and sell shares on the stock market on your behalf.

In exchange for these services, they normally take a commission for each purchase or sale transaction they make or for the leverage they offer.

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