What made W.D. Gann Trading Course Popular in the Market?

Posted by Traders Gurukul on April 28th, 2022

W.D. Gann has been a famous name in the trading industry. He has a significant devoted following. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that Gann never made a significant profit as claimed by several of his disciples. It would not be wrong to suggest that Gann did not have a success rate of 90%, as claimed by his disciples. Moreover, his methods were deemed unsound and not working predictive methods. His methods have been known to leave everything to subjective opinion.

Let us explore the theories of investment as given in the wd gann trading course. It would help you understand the popularity of Gann as a trader.

Predictions made by W.D. Gann

Most sources quote the success rate of his trades as being more than 90%. The WD Gann Trading Course would enable you to make a significant amount of money in your trading career. The success rate might be overrated, but you would gain success nonetheless. However, it would entail making a small number of trades. Therefore, when using the trading method, you have to be prudent while making a small number of trades.

The predictive methods of trading

It was concluded that all-natural phenomena have been cyclical. It would be inclusive of the financial markets. However, apart from being predictive, the theory has been deemed subjective by most trading experts. The methods of trading used by Gann could make decent predictions with accuracy.

The logic used in Gann’s trading methods

It would be worth mentioning here that the base of Gann’s theory was the principle of the balancing of price and time. It would not be wrong to suggest that his methods were based on the squaring of price with time. It often occurs when a unit of price equals a unit of time.

The theory used by Gann would take a significant high in the market, convert the dollar unit into the specified time, and project it further. When the time comes, the time and the price would be squared. In the end, the market turn would be due.

Gann had decent success as a trader. It would be worth mentioning here that his predictive theory has been immensely popular with the traders. The theory has been known for predicting accurately. However, it was popular for predicting a small number of trades accurately.

The trading methods used by Gann

The methods of trading used by Gann were based on the theory – that market actions are repetitive. Humans have constant psychology and they repeat their psychology while creating market prices. Gann used technical analysis to make his trades. Therefore, when he traded, he employed a team of draughtsmen for developing the charts.

Presently, traders could make the most of various computer programs for doing the work. It would help you learn the basics of WD Gann Trading training and apply them with ease.

To conclude

You might also come across various money managers using the methods designed by Gann for trading. A majority of traders have achieved success with approximately 30% annual profits. It could be a great option for trading.

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