Why is AppDupe the best, go-to NFT Marketing Company?

Posted by Angeline on April 28th, 2022

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are making headlines these days, for every good reason. Like any other recently-came-to-fame sector, the NFT space is bustling with the competition. Marketing becomes inevitable to get out of the competitive web. But, how do you create a foolproof NFT marketing strategy? Would you employ an NFT marketing company

You know what? AppDupe, a Singapore-based NFT marketing company could have answers to such questions. 

Let me say why!

Rebuilding Trust is the First Step!

While NFT space is bustling with value-added projects, there have been reported cases of rug pulls, as well. Rug pulls involve a series of activities: scam promotion, artificial price hike, selling NFTs, and shutting the project down. These rug pulls break the trust between investors and NFT project owners. 

AppDupe is on a mission to rebuild trust and assist brands through effective marketing strategies. The company is helping NFT brands rediscover their online presence and monetize projects through the right people. Since their foray into the blockchain space four years ago, AppDupe has supported various NFT projects - assisting them in monetizing their NFTs. 

Providing Long-term Utilities is Next!

NFT projects and utilities are inseparable. An NFT project without any utility is unmonetizable. Rug-pull projects have either offered no utility or a short-term utility, which many buyers wouldn’t even know (while buying!). 

AppDupe, as a pioneer NFT marketing services company, urges NFT projects to offer long-term utilities that take the ‘rug-pull’ factor out of the equation, thereby instilling the trust factor. 

How to Hire AppDupe?

AppDupe takes a multi-channel marketing approach with Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Telegram, etc. While NFT has an equal opportunity (in place), marketing is the tool to seize that opportunity!

Learn more about AppDupe here and procure their full-service package.

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