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Posted by Brian Miller on May 18th, 2016

Opening a business or managing one is not an easy task by far and perhaps one of the most difficult aspects includes keeping track of finances, filling taxes, bookkeeping, payroll and such. It makes sense turning over these tasks to professionals and this does not necessarily mean having someone hired within the company, but outside of it. There are companies that specialise in accounting services and which are able to help companies in various aspects, including when it comes to China WFOE.

Outside accountants are trustworthy and they will make sure your business is doing great, everything is in order and your finances are in control. There are different providers out there and the key is choosing the ones that are licensed, reliable, professional and experienced. This way, you have peace of mind and you know there are no risks involved and your company will not break laws and regulations. At the beginning, it is essential considering what type of accounting services you actually need and in what domains you want to collaborate with professionals.

You can put everything on a list and think of your company and its current situation. Do you want someone to prepare taxes, reports, to manage bookkeeping and payroll, audit management, and make sure all paperwork is in order, balance sheets and such? Some providers are able to offer all these accounting services, as they are well established and there are several accountants working within the company. This is highly beneficial, as you work with the same provider for everything, having better control and improved communication whenever needed.

Providers have also different fees established, depending on how they charge for the accounting services offered, if hourly or if they have fixed rates. At the end of the day, what matters is keeping control of finances and making sure you hire professionals, the ones that are capable of undergoing the needed tasks and which are highly discrete. Besides accounting, some providers are able to offer advice and support in other matters, such as China WFOE and forming a company, opening a new business branch.

China WFOE stands for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, used in most cases by companies outside the country that want to produce products in China and export them afterwards. There are some worthy advantages that come from China WFOE and it is one of the most popular models. One of the greatest advantages is that a Chinese investor is not required and this can resolve many problematic issues. Foreign companies that are unaware of this concept can collaborate with an accounting firm that offers guidance until all preparation is done. There are a lot of issues that have to be known ahead and doing a complete market analysis. Ideally, companies should hire China accounting providers that know the market better than anyone. Legal representatives are needed, supervisors, knowledge of taxes and hat does it take after registration.

Every company relies on finances, so why not choose to outsource accounting services? Are you interested in China WFOE? These professionals are fully capable of guiding you through the process.

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