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Posted by Nextbrain Technologies on April 29th, 2022

When hiring a Node JS development company, look for experience and relevant tech expertise. Read case studies and read about the team\'s work on similar projects. Especially if your Node JS project involves a team of developers, you can see how they approached the project and what the end result was. If you aren\'t familiar with Node JS, it can be difficult to make a decision without any examples.

Node js allows for enterprise-level OO and enforceable static-typing

Enterprise-level OO and enforced static-types are essential features to any enterprise web application. With Node js, you can develop applications that support a wide variety of data sources, from relational DBs to GraphQL queries. Node js is easy to use as a front-end language with the Rails back-end offering quick and convenient access to relational data.

JavaScript and C++ are both slow and difficult to maintain. JavaScript is the slowest scripting language available, so you need to be very careful when insulting it. If you don\'t understand C++, you should not mock C. On the other hand, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, and it compiles to JavaScript. Node js has an extensive ecosystem that allows you to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of reusable packages. The Node package manager offers best-in-class dependency resolution and is flexible enough to automate most of the build toolchain.

Node js supports single-threaded event-driven execution environments. All requests run on the same thread. Node functions that call synchronous methods can block all the requests. However, if you are developing large web applications with Node, this feature is crucial. It makes your application run faster. Node also allows you to implement asynchronous programming patterns in your code.

Javascript is QUITE fast

The V8 server engine of Javascript is QUITE fast when it comes to node JS development. Chrome and Node work together to create a fast environment. The event loop of Node handles code execution and a blocking database call is invoked when it\'s done. It\'s also QUITE fast. Consequently, Javascript programs written with this combination are incredibly fast.

The JavaScript language behaves similarly in a browser and in Node. They both allow you to access and modify HTML elements. JavaScript code is executed in the main thread of a Node process. Input/output operations are performed by other threads and are completed almost instantly. The speed of the language makes it the perfect choice for node JS development.

It has a 2-way client/server contact

When choosing a node js development agency, it\'s important to find one that has a client/server contact and a two-way communication system. While localisation can create communication barriers, a company\'s website is essentially a bigger business card. Make sure the agency uses the same front-end technologies as you do. This will ensure that you\'ll be able to communicate effectively.

Make sure to ask the development company for references from satisfied clients. Asking them why they changed to another company may help you find a better match. If they switched to Node because everyone else is using it now, ask them why. Maybe the client switched because a new technology came out, or because they didn\'t know much about Node before. Either way, a client who knows about Node JS is a good choice.

It has a built-in web server

Node.js is a server-side programming language. There are many advantages to this type of language. Compared to other scripts, it is easier to test and conduct load tests. While the Node JS compiler isn\'t yet complete, it is at a level that is close to C++. In addition, it is significantly less expensive to learn than C++. When choosing a Node JS development company, keep this in mind.

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