6 Different Ways to Build a Web Portal for Your Online Business

Posted by CRMJetty on April 29th, 2022

There is no doubt that post covid-19, online transactions have certainly increased. This is the best time to invest in a web portal for businesses to mark their online presence. A well planned portal can save them from risks and turn out to be extremely beneficial for a business. There are various ways to develop a web portal for your business. We have listed a few for you to understand what fits your business requirement and budget.

Open Source

Choosing an open source framework for web development is a cost effective way to quickly take your business online. There are platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal that are open source CMS (Content Management System) and Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify are the ecommerce platforms to build online shopping carts. Usually small businesses have lower budgets and wish for delivery in less time and so they can easily start with a cost free development of open source web portals.

Web Hosting

There are companies that provide ready hosted solutions at affordable rates and great functionality. They are best suited for ecommerce, gaming applications, blogs as they come with a cloud based hosting framework. They are ready to install frameworks managed by third party software providers. 

Anyone can globally access it via the internet. It comes with built in features like an auto scaling environment that can help you balance the hosting resources as your portal grows. Platforms like WordPress, Magento, Drupal are offering packaged and hosting website tools for creating web portals.

Serverless Mobile Hosting

Serverless technologies concept focuses more in managing in terms of functionality and less in terms of resources. They rely on a cloud native development model that allows developers to create and run applications without managing servers. They do utilize servers but they are not involved in application development. A lot of cloud companies like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud are building such solutions for effective business operations. Moreover these frameworks also support web programming languages like Node.js, Go, Java, Python, and PHP.

Microservice Architecture

It is a collection of loosely coupled services. They are being developed as a single application as a set of small services so that each service can run on its own process. These applications intercommunicate whenever scaling is required. It is also acceptable to develop distinct micro services independently using technologies like Java, Python, .NET Core and run them side by side. 

This way businesses can develop a reliable platform to extend business and take maximum advantage of technology. So if you require a web portal that has complex business processes, this architecture can be used to design as per the business needs. And with the help of micro services, it is easy to add functionalities later on as and when required. Tech giants like Amazon, Uber, Netflix use this approach to simplify the process of adding different components on their platform.

Software as a Service

This solution is best when you want quick addition and are ready to invest a good amount. You subscribe or buy products without going through any complexities of the custom development process. These days businesses are willing to invest in SaaS based web portals. These products are built in a way that you have scalable, secure, lightweight and an easy to maintain solution. SaaS products help businesses from diverse industries including B2B and B2C. Businesses mostly prefer the pay as you go model in SaaS based web portals.

Custom Web Portal Development

This can be considered one of the best ways to get the most of the web portals. You can get it designed in a way that it yields success to your business. To make the best use of each and every suggestion, an agile based web development strategy can be used. With web portal development services, scalability, compatibility, and omnichannel user accessibility can be achieved. This approach is widely used by businesses that require a custom programming approach.


Web portal development is inevitable for a business if their plan is to scale and reach a wider audience. It can be confusing on what type of portal to choose for your business but after reading this article you will have a clear vision of how web portal development can be accomplished in six ways and all have different approaches to the development process.

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