Japan Vs Spain: Football professions of Basque refugee children

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Japan Vs Spain: Football professions of Basque refugee children

Two child refugees of the Spanish Civil War, who later became Football World Cup players, are being recalled 85 years after arriving in the UK. Sabino Barinaga and Raimundo Perez Lezama were among 4,000 Basque children who left Bilbao for Britain in 1937. Their football capacities were spotted while they remained in the Southampton football club. More than a dozen of the young immigrants went on to play for work and are the focus of a new display by Spanish club Athletic Bilbao.

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On 26 April 1937, the small Basque town of Guernica was embattled by Franco\'s Nationalist forces supported by the German and Italian air forces in one of the most dishonourable actions of the Spanish Civil War. Thousands of families required protection for their children by sending them foreign 4,000 were crowded onto the SS Habana guaranteed for the port of Southampton.

On entrance, the children were housed in a temporary camp on the borders of the city at North Stoneham before being moved to homes known as colonies around the state. Many of the children carried with them a desire for football. Sabino Barinaga and Raimundo Perez Lezama Spain Football World Cup players, who were 14 at the time, were placed at the Nazareth House Catholic orphanage in Hill Lane, Southampton.

Southampton football club historian Duncan Holley said the boys\' football professions began when they went for a walk past the club\'s close ground at The Dell. The gates were open and the players were training for Football World Cup, he said. The section goes on that Tom Parker, the boss, threw them a ball and thought these boys have a bit of talent. Southampton had just presented a nursery squad. Before they knew it, they were in the reserves and even played for the World Cup side.

Southampton football club is where Barinaga learnt to play football

As a striker, Sabino Barinaga recorded 62 goals in 18 league and World cup games for the south-coast outfit\'s B side. When World War Two broke out in September 1939 competitive games were postponed and substituted with so-called war tournaments, unofficial leagues set up by the Football Association. Sabino Barinaga played half a season in those competitions, marking an additional 22 times in 14 attendances.

Parker defined him as one of the brightest youths I\'ve ever seen. He returned to Spain in 1940 and contracted for Real Madrid where he was the Spanish titans\' record scorekeeper for a time. He also became the first Football World Cup player to notch at Madrid\'s Bernabeu Stadium during its opening game in 1947. Barinaga\'s offspring, Almudena, 66, remembered that her father very much-loved England.

Speaking from her home in Madrid, she said, Southampton football club is where he learnt to play football. He was happy; he escaped the fears of the civil war and could make a living and a future and took care of his family. His national Raimundo Perez Lezama also played for the Saint\'s first side, as a goalkeeper, in three events. He made his introduction against Arsenal, aged 17, in the London Combination an unofficial league made up of players with no everlasting military task.

Spain Football World Cup player Raimundo Perez Lezama

He returned to Spain in 1940 and ultimately joined Athletic Club de Bilbao, where he became a club legend during his 16 years as a Centre-back. He became known for goalkeeping revolutions such as leaving the box with the ball at his feet, stopping the ball with his feet from a back pass and allocating it instantly to speed up play. The two World Cup players ended up playing against each other in the 1943 Spanish cup final.

Raimundo Perez Lezama made a sum of crucial saves as Athletic Club de Bilbao beat Real Madrid by 1-0. Mr Holley said, they would never have become football World Cup stars if they hadn\'t come to Southampton football club, gone for that walk and if Tom Parker hadn\'t thrown that ball. It\'s remarkable to have a link between the two clubs. We can look back at the Spanish Civil War a big event in the 20th Century past, it had consequences for Southampton and Spanish football. For more to know about Argentina vs Mexico Tickets Click here.

An exhibition presented by Athletic Club de Bilbao. The Children of \'37 in the UK tells the section of the two Saints players, along with the other children who went on to Football World Cup players in England and Spain. Emilio Aldekoa went on to play for Wolves and Coventry, before recurring to Spain to Athletic Club de Bilbao and football club Barcelona. He went on to a positive training profession, during which he was assistant manager at Birmingham City in the early 1960s.

Spanish Civil War affected World Cup players

Brothers Jose and Antonio Gallego played for Cambridge United. Jose later made one arrival for the Southampton football club. On 17 July 1936 the Spain armed, supported by the right-wing supporter of independence, stage a revolution against the elected Republican government, which was sponsored by most of the left. Within a few days, they attain control in some parts of Spain while the Republican army put down the uprising in other areas.

General Francisco Franco arises as to the main Nationalist frontrunner, while the civil war becomes a proxy war among European powers. Hundreds of thousands of people die before Franco\'s Supporter of independence win the war in the spring of 1939. By 1940 about 470 of the immigrants who came on the SS Habana continued in the UK, with some fighting for British forces during World War Two.

Wolves defender Jonny has his senses on Spain\'s World Cup team. The Spain global suffered another forward cruciate tendon injury to his right knee in April 2021, just seven arrivals into his return from the first. And, after two main processes on the same injury, the 28-year-old confesses he feared for his upcoming. If I said no, I\'m maybe dishonest. Sometimes you think the third time might come again.

Wolves defender Jonny notices Spain Football World Cup room:

It\'s true, he told the sports news organisations in his first meeting in English. Sometimes the judgements were there but I tried to put those things out of my mind, focus and put all of myself forward in working out and keep refining my injury before Qatar Football World Cup. Now I feel healthy, I\'m 100 per cent but, normally, you can think about all these things. It was a difficult time for me and my family too.

Sometimes I was upset but I came back certainly well again. So many people were there for me, my family, all my teammates, and all the people working for the club. It was annoying because you see your teammates training outside and you were in the exercise room but when the weather is bad, I\'ll stay in the gym, no problem.! Being thoughtful, I felt good and every day I woke up in love with my kids, always doing things with them and always been pleased.

One more day meant it was closer, one more day was over. I always had that mentality. My family aided me a lot, my wife was there but it\'s not easy. I tried to recover every day. I felt after my first wound my body wasn\'t well. It felt like this thing could happen once more because it felt like my knee wasn\'t steady. After my second operation I felt good because I know this thing can\'t happen. It\'s different now. I don\'t feel it. I feel it\'s steady and good. I feel better than before. The best thing was I knew the procedure so it was easier.

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