5 Types of Casual Games That You Can Play with Friends Online

Posted by Anil Sharma on April 29th, 2022

Interest in online games accelerated in 2020 when the world adjusted to the new normal of being at home. These days, the challenge has shifted from finding something playable online to deciding which one to play from many many options available.

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There are a lot of online games to choose from - whether you are a fan of old-school favorites, escape rooms, or board games, there\'s a virtual option for all of these.

You can easily play something online that doesn\'t require a lot of resources while playing. Let\'s have a look at some of the games you can play casually with your PC or Laptop.

Free Games

There are a lot of free games out there that you can choose from. Of course, most of these games are for kids, but that doesn\'t mean that playing these games can\'t be fun. You can play a few of these games when you get bored.

These games are extremely popular and there are a lot of websites that have these kinds of online games. For instance, if you love Pictionary and are good at drawing then you can play \'scribble\' which is a drawing online game.

These games are really fun to play and you must try them when you get bored.

Board Games

Board Games are extremely fun to play. We don\'t know about you, but you might spend your weekends with your friends playing a board game.

There are a lot of online board games from Catan to exploding kittens.

These games will not take you much time and it\'s pretty easy to play them. While in some cases you need an account to play this game and for some, you can play as a guest.

Tower Defense Games

Tower Defense Games is another type of game that you can play on your PC and is extremely addicting. These games could take up your minutes, hours, or even days to complete, and this depends on what type of game you pick to play.

You probably know that Plants vs Zombies was a major Tower Defence Game back in the day. The same goes with the Kingdom Rush game which might be your favorite tower defense game.

Tower Defense Games are not hard to play but usually, these games take a lot of your time if you wonder to finish the game.

Hidden Object Games

These games are mostly for the time when you feel bored and want something easy to play. These games are designed to improve your focus and also the attention to detail that is necessary to play these games.

You can keep searching for objects for hours while playing these games. Also, you might get addicted to playing these games back-to-back.

There\'s not much action in these types of games and are perfect for you if you want to relax after a long tiring day.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are the ancestors of video games that we play today.

Mario and Mortal Kombat are a few examples of these kinds of games.

People loved these games and the game developers are creating new games similar to these to keep the players happy.

You may spend hours playing arcade games as these games are the most addictive. You can search for new arcade games on the web that you can play online without installing them on your PC.


If you play games continuously on your mobile for long hours then you must have noticed that your fingers get friction while touching the screen after a few hours. For this, you need to have a finger sleeve for gaming that will prevent friction and will protect your fingers from getting infections.

Online gaming will continue to grow, even in the face of realistic graphics from consoles and Pcs and also from the virtual reality world.

The gameplay offered through different websites is simple, short, and fun which makes them perfect for you as a casual gamer.

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