Industries Which Can Use Promotional Umbrellas for Brand Promotion

Posted by chris247 on April 29th, 2022

Promotional umbrellas are a great way to showcase your brand and provide an edge over competitors. Apart from this, they add to the functionality as well and are a proud possession for all seasons and weather. Though umbrellas are considered as a product of individual use, they are also of great use as a promotional tool for different corporate organizations across various industries. In this article, we will be listing all the industries that can use promotional umbrellas for their brand promotion.

Custom-printed umbrellas for the food industry

The first industry seen to be using logo-printed umbrellas are the small food joints, outdoor restaurants, root-top restaurants, beach restaurants, and others. They need to have large-size custom umbrellas placed in open spaces to attract customers from even a distance and make their presence more visible. The marketers choose good quality large umbrellas with strong fabrics for outdoor usage so that it can withstand the varying weather conditions and still flaunt the logo printed on them.

Promotional Umbrellas for Educational Institutions

Schools and colleges can use outdoor custom printed umbrellas with logo for their sporting events and campus placements. They can be printed with the institution\'s name in varied colors to participate in an educational event such as an education fair. Custom printed portable umbrellas can also be gifted to teachers, students, parents, and staff at various events like graduation, sports events, alumni events, etc. The umbrellas can also be custom-printed with the color scheme of the brand logo.

Custom-Printed Umbrellas for Hospitality

This industry comprises hotels, restaurants, event management companies, and travel-related companies. The hospitality industry involves the outdoor seating of the guests and wholesale outdoor umbrellas can prove to be a huge success for them. Apart from this, custom printed umbrellas can be given as souvenirs at the gift shop, as gifts to guests, for special event promotions, and to employees for reward programs. The umbrellas can be customized with several sunny colors with a logo if you own a beach resort, for example, that will also highlight the memory for your guests of the experience that they had.

Promotional Umbrellas for HealthCare

Healthcare is all about caring for people and it can be shown in various ways. Custom printed umbrellas can be used for waiting rooms and even offering an umbrella to shield them from the rains as they leave your premises. Cheap custom umbrellas with the brand name printed on them serve as a perfect giveaway to nurses, medical staff, pharmacists, doctors, etc., or at charity and medical events like blood donation, or health awareness campaigns.

Promotional umbrellas for sporting Events and Organizations

There are various participants at a sporting event which holds massive opportunities for corporate promotions. There are sports teams, viewers, customers, players, etc., and can reap handsome returns if the opportunities are tapped correctly. Sports events happen both indoors and outdoors and custom printed umbrellas with a business logo on them can help in promoting the brand and also protect the audience and staff from rains and sun. They can also act as promotional giveaways for game days, gifts to sponsors, raffle prizes for sports events, and souvenirs in the gift shops. They will leave a lasting impression on the attendees and remind them of your brand, whenever they carry your promotional umbrella for a shade from rain or sun.

Umbrellas are a versatile giveaway for various industries and top the charts for usability as well. It is up to the businesses how they wish to spread brand awareness and leave a positive impression on their audience and business partners. 

Where to buy custom umbrellas for your advertising campaign?

There are a lot of companies offering promotional items across Australia at various locations like Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, and others. You can search for such established suppliers and dealers online and explore their range of collections including different sizes of umbrellas like small, medium, or large, various designs like foldable umbrellas in a wide variety of fabrics. Once you are satisfied with the product quality, you can select any one of them and place an order for doorstep delivery.

Customization of umbrellas

When you buy umbrellas for promotional needs, you must take care of proper customization that fulfills your purpose. So make sure you choose the right color umbrella that reflects your brand logo. The size of the logo should also be appropriate to be visible from far off place. Especially in events where the audience sit at a distance, the size and color of the umbrella is too crucial. Then comes the importance of printing quality as it must ensure that the logo printed on the umbrella does not get washed off or faded. You can also try some interesting text placement on the umbrella to do creative marketing. 

Find a wide variety of corporate promotional items and wholesale umbrellas and place bulk orders to get the best deals.

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