Tipp Oil produces high-quality organic cleaning products

Posted by Andreas Winkler on April 29th, 2022

With us you will find a comprehensive range of biological cleaning products based on effective microorganisms for professional applications. Our goal is a holistic cleaning concept and a sustainable approach to the environment. By using our solutions, the consumption of conventional cleaning agents is reduced to an absolute minimum and thus an active contribution is made to water and environmental protection! Tipp Oil BIO is the German manufacturer of cleaning and recycling products, specializing in the biotechnological use of effective microorganisms, without any addition of artificial or chemical substances. The philosophy of the Tipp Oil organic preparations is based exclusively on the use of cleaning processes as they occur in nature. Is a sustainable way of life important to you and would you like to work with ecological, forward-looking products? The alternative cleaning agent, based on microorganisms. Dirt, dust and harmful bacteria are removed naturally in an environmentally friendly manner. Tipp Oil took a close look at the cleaners. What are effective microorganisms and what makes them special? The idea of functional cleaning agents - effective, economical and ecological. 70% of all life on earth consists of microorganisms*. These little helpers have been the basis of organic life since. They are part of the people, the animals, the plant world and water bodies. Microscopic, primarily unicellular creatures that colonize all surfaces and habitats. Effective microorganisms (EM) are a liquid mixed culture consisting of lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria and yeast. These microorganism cultures are the basis for all products that result from fermentation. During fermentation, organic substances are converted by enzymes or microorganisms. When microorganisms are added, substances can also be formed that are very difficult or impossible to produce chemically. For the microorganism cleaning products, special microorganisms are cultivated in a multi-stage process. In this fermentation process, microorganisms multiply. The special composition of EM makes the end product particularly valuable and rich in strong antioxidant, life-friendly substances such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, bioactive substances.

Manufacturer of the brand Tipp Oil Made in Germany PKW-. Truck engine oils, universal oils for agriculture and construction machinery, two-wheeler engine oils, two-stroke engine oils, gear oils, etc. Our company Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd. is active in the manufacture and trading of lubricants and raw materials. TIPP Oil is an independent brand with extensive know-how and an assortment that offers the optimal oil especially for every area of application. Our products are \"Made in Germany\" and are manufactured by qualified and experienced employees in compliance with recognized and regularly checked quality standards. We have an extensive range of high-performance lubricants and related products of the latest generation. We offer an optimally tailored product for your needs. Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd. your partner for quality and service. Tipp Oil serves national and international trading partners and users from various industry segments with its wide range of lubricants. When it comes to lubricants, your expectations should always be high. Tipp Oil is the independent brand in the German lubricant trade. Our various lubricant products guarantee precision and reliability. And that for automotive and industrial uses. Trust is the basis of every business relationship. If you choose Tipp Oil, you are guaranteed to have the right partner at your side.

Contact TIPP OIL Manufacturer Ltd. Co. KG Anja Klukas Am Langen Kamp 2 59192 Bergkamen Phone: 023079703274 E-Mail: contact@tippoil.com Url: http://www.tippoil.com

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