The Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Posted by Trust care on April 30th, 2022

When our body attains the tendency of capturing tons of alcohol consumed which can raise some serious consequences then the tendency of having alcohol poisoning may occur. Alcohol is thus considered to be the process of slow death as it is an edible alcohol where consuming a lot in a short span of time is known to be sheerly tough for the body to intake which can also be sincerely life-threatening where the tolerance of the individual in terms of weight, gender or quantity may not be taken into consideration as it can affect anyone and at any given time. The AlcoholRehabilitation Centre in Mumbai mainly explains that as one starts drinking more, the blood alcohol content of the individual starts to climb at a certain rate which thus becomes so crucially high at a given point where the mental, physical and emotions phases or stage of an individual no longer works in an orderly manner and the functions gradually starts to deteriorate. Thus, an individual can also start facing the effects of alcohol abuse where the triggering points and potentials of poisoning can also be visible when they reach a point where they indeed want to stop, but eventually they can’t. Also, the BAC level of an individual remains to be up for 40 minutes indeed after one has their last drink.


The Rehabs in Mumbai and the Rehabs in Mumbai mainly states that the consequences of alcohol poisoning can be considered to be sheerly aggressive or can be very fatal at a point, thus if one is actually having frequent symptoms then they should not self-treat them but actually should call for any emergency or should go to the respective place for treatment as quick as possible. There are a series of warning symptoms one may receive before they start linking them with alcohol poisoning as the severe effects are thus worse, and medical treatment should be kept into attention rather than waiting for the condition to deteriorate which can also be life-threatening at a point with having sheer amount of complications too. Some of the most common symptoms of alcohol poisoning are as follows:


  • Having an unresponsive body
  • Problems of irregular breathing
  • Having very pale and clammy skin with bluish tinged skin tone all over the body
  • A low body temperature
  • Having continuous seizures and vomitings
  • Having confusion of understanding about the environment
  • Having feelings of incoherency and comatose


Alcohol poisoning can be seen in every age group irrespective of gender, where there are many factors which contribute towards this risk. However, people who drink unconditionally from their adolescent years are more prone to suffer in their adulthood which can also cause a series of issues such as depression and weight gain etc.


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