Benefits of Laser Marking Technology

Posted by maria vidal on April 30th, 2022

In the industrial business, laser branding of a company\'s product is becoming increasingly important. More and more firms are attempting to keep records of their items in order to cut costs and check inventories. The laser engraving company has created machines that will engrave a company\'s brand on its product.

Laser marking has several advantages since the procedure is permanent and rapid; it also has a cheaper cost of ownership, does not require any extra processes to guarantee the marking is lasting, and does not utilize consumables, hence eliminating waste.

Manufacturers are confident that traceability will guarantee suppliers adhere to standard quality requirements, allowing them to increase the quality of their product line while reducing recalls and counterfeiting.

Difference Between Laser Engraver And Laser Marking

Laser Marking refers to the placement of visible information on the surface of a component with little or no penetration, whereas Laser Engraver refers to the placement of information within a part with evident penetration below the surface.

How Is Laser Marking Done?

Laser marking is achieved by focussing laser light via a lens onto the surface of the component to be marked. If the part to be marked is made of a material that can absorb the colour of light emitted by the laser.

Then the surface of the part becomes hot, and the resulting heat either discolours the surface or vaporises a small amount of material from the part, similar to burning leaves with a magnifying glass.

Benefits of Laser marking

  •      The procedure is safe and environmentally friendly.
  •      Machine parts can be linked to the Industrial IOT via laser labelling.
  •      It reduces the prevalence of counterfeit goods.
  •      Quality is not compromised by laser branding.
  •      Laser marking also has the advantage of being able to operate with a wide variety of materials. A wide range of materials and surface treatments may be achieved by adjusting the speed and power of the laser system.

Where Do I Find Laser Engraving Services Near Me?

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