Hyperbaric Protocol Lyme Disease

Posted by alvina on May 1st, 2022

Lyme disease can be a tricky condition to deal with. There are many complications, including that sometimes treatments don’t work to cure it and leading to chronic Lyme disease. The good news is that hyperbaric protocol Lyme disease can offer you help to overcome your symptoms and to try regaining control of your life. HBOT Lyme disease treatment options may be a new concept, but one that can help boost your treatment plan. Reading on, you can get a closer look at hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Lyme disease so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this should be a part of your treatment plan.

Can HBOT be Effective in Treating Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a condition that impacts nearly 300,000 people within the United States every year. When caught early enough, this is a condition that can be easily treated with antibiotics. However, there are still a few issues to be aware of. First of all, if this isn’t caught early enough it can lead to complications and long-term disease. There may also be an antibiotic resistance that can potentially happen, which can lead to the same issues.

This is where you can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The bacteria that can lead to Lyme disease is anaerobic. What this means is that the bacteria cannot survive in any oxygen-rich environment. While this condition can be resistant to antibiotics, they still won’t be able to thrive in the high levels of oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber. As you receive the high levels of oxygen in your body during this treatment, you are killing the bacteria causing the Lyme disease. Not only can it kill off the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, but it can also ease many of the symptoms you have suffered from as a result of your Lyme disease.

Understanding How Oxygen Therapy Works for Your Body

There are many ways that HBOT works in the body that can be useful in treating not only Lyme disease, but various other conditions. This includes:

• Removing bacteria and other toxins

• Stimulates the production of stem cells

• Reduces inflammation

• Helping to grow and establish new blood vessels to offer better blood flow

• Stimulates the production of white blood cells

• Repairs your brain’s function

• Helps in the recovery of your organs

HBOT treatment can be highly effective in treating Lyme disease, especially when used with other treatment options. You should be aware though that as the bacteria is getting killed off, your body may be experiencing some side effects known as Jarishc-Herxheimer Reactions. This makes it so that your symptoms feel like they get much worse before they get better.


Lyme disease is a condition that is notoriously hard to treat. Sometimes the disease doesn’t go away entirely, leading to long-term issues. Chronic Lyme disease can wreak havoc on your physical body, as well as your emotional and mental state. Through hyperbaric protocols, you may notice a significant improvement in how you feel. This is a great option to consider as part of your Lyme disease treatment plan in order to improve the results of your treatment.

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