Qatar Football World Cup:Qatar will continue to improve workers' lot

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The Department of Labor has reaffirmed its commitment to implement the best international standards to ensure the safety and security of foreign workers, and its commitment to implementing all regulatory reforms that the labor sector has observed progressively and sustainably, except for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Championship, both in the short and long term.

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In a statement to mark International Workers\' Day, which is the first of its kind in May each year, the Department has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the health and safety of workers by strengthening safety and health practices in the workplace and labor housing, in line with international standards relating to occupational safety and health.

We note that one of the most recent developments in the workplace over the past decade has been the renewal and development of many laws that contribute to the development and improvement workplace, to comply with the best international standards for the protection of workers\' rights.

The Department explained that its special relations with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and many international organizations have played a direct role in supporting and promoting development and modernization in the workplace in Qatar, prioritizing the opening of new partnerships with international organizations in the interest of workers and employers.

He noted that the celebration of the event was aimed at highlighting the achievements of the workers, as well as their contribution to the overall development of the country, and noted that the celebration of International Workers\' Day comes this year, with the next FIFA organization. The Qatar World Cup 2022, especially its preparations create a real opportunity to review and develop laws and regulations governing the labor market and labor rights, based on the teachings of the true Islamic religion.

The provisions of the Qatari constitution, and respect for the importance of reviewing laws and improving the work environment in the country due to its positive impact on various levels of productivity across sectors.

The department said Qatar had applied the rules, including the revocation of the exit permit, and the abolition of the Opposition Certificate with the former employer. Qatar raised the minimum wage, established visa centers in sending countries to ensure that workers were harassed in their home countries, and established a support fund, which protects workers\' financial rights.

The first rules used also included promoting a safe and healthy workplace, taking measures to protect workers from the dangers of heat stress, extending the period when workers may not be employed under the sunlight, establishing labor dispute resolution committees, introducing pay a system of protection, and strengthening oversight to ensure compliance with mandated standards of occupational health and safety in the workplace and housing. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

The enactment of legislation to regulate and protect the rights of domestic workers, a new draft law that provides compulsory health insurance for all citizens and visitors, and the development of all branches of the Department of Labor Relations in the Department.

The Department expressed its gratitude and gratitude to the employees, for their continued efforts, which have achieved significant progress, reaffirming their commitment to making continuous efforts aimed at promoting and protecting workers\' rights and providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Ninth Euromoney Qatar Conference to be held in Doha on May 29

The ninth Euromoney Qatar conference will be held in Doha on May 29, announced on Saturday. The Euromoney Summit, co-hosted by Qatar Central Bank, will focus on the latest developments regarding Qatar\'s strategy and finance in a new global context.

As the eyes of the world turn to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, they will see a country emerging from the epidemic in a strong economic climate and playing a key role in regional and international politics. Euromoney will explore how Qatar can make money with the success of its strategy. What is next for the nation, its financial institutions, and its investors?

How will they spend their money locally and internationally? How will the financial sector move forward in digital campaigns? What are the dangers and challenges? The event will focus on answering these and other questions, the statement said. Victoria Behn, trade director at Euromoney Conferences commented, that it has been two years since the last Euromoney Qatar Conference and a lot has happened.

It is good to return to Doha, meet face to face and chart all the developments and future opportunities of the Qatari financial sector. According to the Euromoney Qatar Conference website, the sessions will feature Qatari and prominent international and international speakers. Key themes include ESG and climate change, what does ESG mean in Qatar?

Qatar and the region with new global security opportunities and threats, Qatar\'s response to the economic downturn in difficult times, economic diversification before and after the Football World Cup, long-term vision of export-oriented nations, the emergence of the Qatari banking sector, digitalization of Qatari banking and financial services, fintech and innovation, crypto, Defi, centralized digitalized currencies and other blockchain applications.

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