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Posted by Danyking on May 19th, 2016

The zone itself is small, just like Thieves Guild. There were very few side quests, at least from what I found. You do however get to catch up with an old friend and her sister. That was an interesting quest. I am still waiting for ZOS to release something that isn’t combat or story driven. Where’s our relaxation gameplay options?

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With this DLC comes with it an option for ESO Plus members, unlimited Crafter Bags. Finally an actual benefit to spending a month. This feature really does add value to the ESO Plus membership. It’s amazing to have and the bank storage you save is huge. If you’re anything like me I have multiple banks filled with crafting supplies from low level to high level. You just never know when you might need something. While I was on the PTS I became an ESO plus member so I could test this out and it is beautiful. This new feature doesn’t take anything away from the overall gameplay, it doesn’t make anything pay to win, and it’s just a quality of life feature. For that I’m thinking I’ll most likely pay the monthly fee. To some people it might not be worth it, especially if you’re not a hoarder like myself. Hopefully ZOS will add in some additional features that are quality of life to the ESO Plus membership so all types of players will get a benefit.

Another new feature is the insanely powerful poisons. You can craft your own poisons and apply them to your weapons. This is all done via the Alchemy crafting skill and you use much of the same reagents you’re used to, with the addition of a few things like oils. The new items are found off monsters throughout the world. Of course there is probably already a guide online that shows where and how to obtain them but where is the fun in that? Go out there and explore. When you apply these poisons they will disable whatever effect is currently on the item. The poisons act like a proc and will only go off when RNG says so, because of this you have the ability to infect players multiple times but the effect is weakened when applied multiple times, they don’t stack.

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