Protein expression system is a popular and ubiquitous method of gene engineering

Posted by Coherent Market insights on May 6th, 2022

Mammalian cells are fragile and have a wide range of dietary requirements. In contrast to mammalian cells, cultured insect cells are more resilient and may be cultivated in less complex media. Insect-based expression systems also offer post-translational changes that are similar to those found in mammalian cells.

The baculovirus-mediated insect protein expression system relies on the capacity of recombinant baculovirus to infect insect cells, with the cellular machinery expressing the foreign protein encoded by the baculovirus. Making recombinant protein with insect cells is simple. A virus genome containing the recombinant protein gene is injected into insect cells. Infected insect cells produce recombinant protein instead of virus particles.

Scientists must produce functional proteins in order to examine the function and structure requirements of proteins of interest.

Chemical synthesis is not yet advanced enough to produce complex protein structures appropriately. Instead, living creatures are programmed to assemble and construct proteins using genetic information provided in the form of DNA.

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