The development of photoresist chemicals begins by coating the substrate with li

Posted by Coherent Market insights on May 6th, 2022

In the UV spectrum, positive compounds like diazonaphthoquinone absorb a lot of light. In sunlight, negative photoresists are insoluble. Because of the high degree of use of these chemicals in electronic industries, the semiconductors segment is predicted to be the largest sub-segment.Photoresist chemicals change their chemical structure when exposed to UV light

Higher-energy photons release electrons when they pass through the photoresist. The photoresist can be exposed to the following stage by these electrons. Photoresist stripping employs a variety of gases. Many compounds do not react with inert gases. Reactive gases, on the other hand, provide oxygen to the surrounding atmosphere. Plasma technology makes extensive use of these. To clean the photoresist, a combination of these two gases can be utilised.

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