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Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on May 6th, 2022

Multiple studies have uncovered that most senior citizens want to remain in their own homes despite ailments and loss of mobility. Staying in a home that they are familiar with helps them stay in good spirits. Unfortunately, big houses encompassing multiple floors can pose a risk for such individuals. Trying to climb the stairs can result in falls and physical injuries. Moving into another home is not always an option. Thankfully, installing a quality stairlift in Doylestown and Plymouth Meeting, PA, can address all such concerns and improve one’s life despite the advancement years.

Admittedly, one cannot buy and install a stairlift immediately. It is a decision that requires close consideration and contemplation of all the facts. One of the best points in favor of installing one is the current mobility status of the prospective user. It might be essential to look for an alternative when climbing the stairs is a long and painstaking function that is associated with discomfort and pain. Sure, one may choose to remain confined to a single floor, but that is not the best solution under any circumstance.

Sure, there are numerous mobility aids available at present. Still, nothing can be more comforting than a stairlift that mimics the functions of a stairway without any of the associated risks.

Some of the things that become important to think of when the decision of having a stairlift fixed has been taken finally include:

Suitability of the Home

It is most important to contact a well-known manufacturer or dealer of stairlifts and request an inspection. The technicians would be able to assess the feasibility of installing a stairlift in the available space by the side of the existing stairway. An ornate stairway or a flight of stairs with a landing in between is not a problem anymore. Instead, there are different types of curved lifts available today that can be customized to meet the requirement of the user.

Space is not a constraint, usually even for smaller homes. The seat can be parked either at the top or bottom of the stairway, and the user can keep it folded so that it does not get in the way. Space is certainly not an issue for consumers today unless the stairway is exceptionally narrow and the available space is less than 30 inches on the side.

Stairlift Types

One would have to select a stairlift based on the requirement. The straight design is the most popular and inexpensive variety that suits most users. The features are easy to use, with a swivel seat available for elderly individuals who have trouble getting into and out of the stairlift seat. Such a device may not be appropriate for a curved stairway. One needs to install a special type of stairlift that can follow the curved path. One may also opt for an outdoor stairlift to access the garage roof, deck, or porch positioned above the ground.

A top dealer is capable of offering top brands, including Bruno stairlift for sale in Plymouth Meeting and Doylestown, PA.

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