4 Signs That the Torsion Spring Needs Replacement

Posted by michellumb55 on May 7th, 2022

Replacement of garage door spring is nothing new. Since the garage door is opened and closed multiple times a day, it is natural for the spring to lose its effectiveness. As a result, the garage door does not function properly. But once the torsion spring is replaced, this issue is mitigated.

But how do you know when it is time to replace the spring? There are some clear signs you can pick up. Keep in mind that every spring doesn\'t necessarily show all the signs. But if you pick up any of the following mentioned signs, it is better to consult a professional about the replacement.

  • Signs You Can Easily Pick Up If the Spring Needs Replacement

Here are the obvious signs you should look for to know if the garage door springs Lexington KY.

  1. The Door Has Started Producing Strangled Noise


  • A garage door with a good spring opens with little to no noise
  • But if the door has started producing a strangled noise, it is a clear symbol that the spring needs to be replaced
  • The noise is usually the very first sign the spring shows when it needs replacement

Initially, the produced sound is pretty low. But if the condition is not cured timely, it may worsen the situation. As a result, not only does the sound become louder, other issues start occurring early. So if you are hearing even a faint sound, it is better to contact a professional who can replace the spring quickly.

  1. The Door Slams Shut With No Prior Warning

Does your garage door slam shut without any warning? If yes, the garage door springs Lexington KY may be broken. A broken spring needs immediate replacement as sudden shutting of the door can be hazardous.

Such a condition of the door is harmful to the vehicle you are putting inside, but it also threatens your life. Furthermore, if this situation is not taken care of timely, there are chances that it may close all of a sudden while you are parking the vehicle inside.

  1. The Door Closes With a Loud Popping Sound

Another prominent sign that you can detect with ease is the loud popping sound of the door closing. It is also a sign that the garage door springs Lexington KY have broken. However, it is not the most common sign, as some torsion springs break without a sound.

As mentioned previously, if there is no sound produced from spring breaking, the door will close suddenly. The primary reason for the breakage of the spring is putting it at full tension. Since the spring has broken down, you should not waste even a second and contact the professional.

  1. The Door Starts Feeling A Little Heavier

Here is the sign that most people have noticed and that too often. They claim that the door suddenly starts feeling heavier, although there is no change in the door\'s weight. It often becomes difficult to open that door due to this weight.

So if your door is showing any of these signs, it is time that you consider replacement of the spring.

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