How To Decide Which Garage-Door Opener Is Right For You?

Posted by michellumb55 on May 7th, 2022

Having a garage means you need top-level protection. You have to install the right door so illegal entry can be restricted. If the door is durable and heavy-duty, you need assistance when opening or closing it. This is where you may need to install a door opener.

  • Always ensure that you select a very simple mechanism that is easy to operate
  • Go with the right garage door opener depending on the type of door you have installed
  • You can consult professional services to help you select the best door opener

You can look around for Liftmaster garage door opener Lexington KY services. Experts can help you select the best door opener as per your requirements. There are a few factors that you need to consider when selecting your first garage door opener.


  • Important factors to consider before buying a garage door opener


1. Drive system

The drive system is designed as per the garage door. You have two main options – trolley and carriage type drives. The system is designed to either slide or lifts the garage door. Both types are not the same as they operate in different ways.

Your choice may usually depend on the type of door that you have installed on your premise. Once you are decided you can choose between belt, screw and chain type control systems. The three types would also have different rates.


2. Power options

Are you installing a heavy garage door? If the door is heavy you may need more power to operate it. This is why you may need some extra horsepower. The HP comes from the motorized system that controls the door opener.

For lightweight doors, you may need less HP. So it is important to calculate the HP based on the type of door you have installed. You can also consult an expert Liftmaster garage door opener Lexington KY team to help you calculate the right HP.


3. Power control

In general, there are two main options here – AC or DC power. Do you plan to install a battery unit for controlling the door opener? You can also install one that can be directly connected to the grid power source. 

Always ensure that your choice of the power control unit is perfect. Based on your choice you will have to install the motorized system. 


4. Backup system

Power failures can happen at any time. If the system fails to perform then you should be able to control it manually. The same is true with the garage door opener system.

It is always better to select a system that can also be controlled manually in case of power failure. If the system gets stuck then the door has to be operated manually. The system should not be complex. It is easy to operate a simple system manually. 

You can always refer to the best Liftmaster garage door opener Lexington KY services and then decide. Professionals are aware of the right system for your door.

Always choose one after comparing the price in the market. The price might also vary depending on the size and brand. You can compare prices for different brands in advance. 

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