Excess Alcohol Consumption Affecting the Stomach

Posted by Trust care on May 7th, 2022

Our stomach is know to be the main gastrointestinal tract where the digestion foods take a sincere measure with intaking the nutrition of our body by also getting the waste of our body which we mainly consume that is the maintenance of enzymes and acids, primarily breaking them down before carrying the nutrition in our gut and saving it for the future by giving us energy. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India and the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai mainly states that alcohol is mainly related with the rise of acid in our stomach where via going the throat it has the intention to cause heartburn where the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that drinking alcohol more than usual can burn the inner lining of the stomach as it in a inflammable compound the whole process can be very painful which is also known as gastritis. One can also develop ulcers in the stomach which are caused because of drinking alcohol on a continuous rate where the heavy drinking sessions which last for a long period of time can result in such measures. Thus if one individual suffer from the issues of gastritis, then they would suffer with the symptoms of the following:


?       Oftenly feeling uncomfortable after eventual eating

?       Having a sincere issues of indigestion with suffering of burning stomach pain and the issues of gnawing as well

?       Oftenly feeling sick and having the issue of vomiting


These symptoms stated above will not happen over a period of time but can occur suddenly and then can last for a long period of time where gastritis lasts for a long period of time where the development of ulcers can also take place initially with a small growth and then can become large tumors as well in the stomach itself. If these symptoms are not sincere then one can treat oneself with different and doctor prescribed antacids which are available in nearly every pharmacy and also have to make a change in the diet and lifestyle of one who happens to drink less drinks or alcohols. However, if you are facing these issues very frequently and then gradually finding blood in your vomits and in the loo as well then one should immediately consult with their doctors as these signs are indeed not safe at all.


Also, drinking causes nausea as well with vomiting is known to be dangerous as the whole process can lead to alcohol poisoning as well which is known to be very very dangerous. If you also see an individual who is sick and they may not cough or vomit and remain unconscious, the lungs of the individual have thus become very weak which is not a positive sign.



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