Qatar Football World Cup: Football World Cup eliminations dash small business

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From Colombia to Nigeria, traders in countries that love football count the losses of failing to reach the Qatar World Cup 2022. Colombian food retailer William Abella relied on the FIFA World Cup 2022 as an opportunity to end his losses due to the long-term closure of COVID-19.

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When a national team plays, his small corner shop and restaurant in central Bogota often turn into a yellow sea. Football fans wearing official team shirts gather to drink and chat, raising beer sales by about 80 percent. But like many young traders in football countries who suddenly failed to qualify, his overflowing business hope for fans who enjoyed their side faded.

With Colombia out of the FIFA World Cup, I expect my beer sales to fall by almost half, said 65-year-old Abella. The Football World Cup, which kicks off in November, is big business, bringing in billions of dollars to consumer tourism, food and beverage, goods, and more.

But as businesses around the world prepare to raise money, developing countries are known for their professionalism in football yet they have failed to qualify to count their losses. From street vendors in Colombia to Algerian shopkeepers and football club owners in Nigeria, small businesses and informal workers who rely on cash-in income during football matches fear a sharp decline in revenue.

North of Bogota, street vendor Roberto Teyes sold and traded stickers for the Panini football album during the last FIFA World Cup, hosted by Russia in 2018. There will be little interest in collecting stickers as the Colombian band will be off the album, Teyes said, adding that he earns up to $ 130 a day selling stickers.

I hope you end the year well. I needed it after COVID. The Fenalco retailers\' association estimates that the team missing out on the World Cup will result in an economic loss of about $ 810m, largely due to the impact on retailers, bars, cafes, and tourism organizations.

Colombia\'s exclusion from the FIFA World Cup is having a detrimental effect on trade and tourism in the country, said Fenalco President Jaime Alberto Cabal. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, when Colombia reached the last 16, Fenalco members reported that beer sales increased by 40 percent, 20 percent on air, 19 percent on TV screens, and 12 percent on soft drinks. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

Painful loss

In Nigeria, another football-obsessed nation and home to too many Africans, David Anomweh, who runs a sportswear store in the commercial capital Lagos, is also in trouble. The much anticipated Nigeria who has appeared in six of the last seven World Cup matches has also failed to make it to Qatar, leaving millions of fans absent. The Super Eagles\' defeat to Ghana\'s arch-rival not only sparked riots and angry fans stormed the stadium, but left businesses and traders stunned.

From shops to restaurants, business owners in Lagos were expecting to make a good profit, and some had invested in considering the national team would be eligible. Joseph, who has worked in the business for 20 years, said he expected a full volume of Nigerian games and expected to earn 10,000 Naira $ 23 per game, compared to 700 Naira $ 1.7 for other games.

Now that Nigeria has not entered, people will not go out to watch other groups. I will not be able to make money with any game, he said. Remi Ugo, who owns Blue Spot Café, a bar, and restaurant in the Shomolu area of ??Lagos, said Nigeria\'s failure to succeed would hurt many businesses like his. About 80 percent of my clients come here for a drink just to look at a match, he said. I\'m sure people won\'t show up too far in the World Cup.

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