What Unique Properties To Check Before Selecting High Density Polymer

Posted by Michael Luis on May 8th, 2022

Polymers are getting a more popular raw material at present time. As compared to lead or any other metal, HD polymer is more cost-effective. As polymers are non-metallic so they are also highly resistant to chemicals.

The best advantage of using high density plastic is that you can purchase the raw material in the form of a sheet or rod. When selecting raw material, you just need to focus on improved stiffness and strength.

•    The material is easy to fabricate into any possible shape
•    For storing chemicals HD polymers are the ideal choice
•    You also have the convenience of selecting the same raw material in different grades

?    Some beneficial uses

In general, metals were considered the best raw material in traditional times. Using metal was more expensive as the recycling process is not cost-effective. Mining is also an expensive process and so the final product was always more expensive.

Today, you can look around for HD polymer material for use as a textured board, sheets, UV-shielding, prosthetic and orthotic applications. Being safe and eco friendly, the material is also anti-microbial by nature.

?    General applications

If you are planning to build a chemical storage tank, then high density polymer is the best choice. This raw material is resistant to all types of chemicals. It can also be used for manufacturing food storage containers. Starting from flanges to prosthetics, the material can be bought for multiple uses.

You can use it as the best raw material for outdoors and indoor applications. Ammunitions are made up of HD polymer casings which are more convenient to reload and use. It reduces the need for using expensive leads.

?    Performance

HD polymer material like Ecomass is easy to use with thermoplastic welding. This means that once used, the material is highly stable and sturdy. The outer surface of the material is also moisture-proof. You may not have to worry about corrosion.

This is why HD polymer material is considered the best Lead replacement in most manufacturing processes. It makes an ideal material for use in the food packing industry. The inner layer of the container can be made up of HD polymer.

?    Enhanced stiffness

As compared to normal grade plastic, HD polymer material is 70 percent stiffer. This means that the material can be used for multiple purposes. The container can be more consistent and stiff.

You can use the same container for many years as it does not easily get deformed. Even when deformed, it will retain back its original shape. The material is best of you have to manufacture containers.

?    UV shielding

What if your workplace is exposed to a lot of UV radiation? You may need proper shielding. Initially lead was the best metal used. You have to spend more money to purchase lead.

Today HD polymers have replaced lead. The material can withstand UV radiation. It can also shield other forms of radiation. It is used for manufacturing x-ray machines. It can also be used for shielding against water exposure.

Where more radiation is exposed, the material can be used in the form of protective sheets. The body of the x-ray machines can be manufactured using this material.


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