Why Do you Need to Read Short Stories?

Posted by kamal on May 10th, 2022

Do you still remember the time when you used to read so many novels? When a novel was enough to keep you occupied. But now you are so much engaged in your professional work that you do not get enough time to read even a newspaper. If you want to read, then have you ever given a thought about reading short stories?

These days, short stories offer one specific benefit: they are short. And “short” doesn’t solely represent the number of words or characters. It also represents the fast pace, the single-minded plot, and the brief form.

Let’s see why you need to read short stories in English language.

Finish in less time:

Many people who are not much indulged in reading books share a common attitude: This novel sounds intriguing, but they generally don’t get sufficient time to go through it, so why begin at all?

Having no time to read is one of the compelling reasons that resist people from reading books. Sometimes it is only a mere excuse – every time you watch YouTube videos or check your Twitter feed for hours.

But there is one paramount difference between reading a book and checking your social media handles. The end of a book is fixed but the end of your Facebook timeline is not fixed.

When you read a short story, you don\'t have to spend much time. Finishing a novel indeed requires your significant time and effort.

Explore a whole new world:

Reading fiction is about exploring hidden, thrilling worlds, full of characters you would love to meet in person. Reading a book is similar to going on a journey. You will discover so many amazing phases. You will experience different emotions. The emotions and dynamics are the same: from anticipations to excitement, to doubts, to fruition, to sentimentality. People do not just read only to kill boredom. Many people also read Old English stories to get an escape from their monotonous life.

Epic Poetry can cultivate writing, speaking, and understanding talents. Understanding so many writing rules, and then turning them positively with poetry can enable you to come up with an alternative beauty.

Open to new genres:

What can you do when you are not pleased with your last read? You are considering adding a new novel to your reading list. Why don\'t you try titles, authors or genres you never knew would ever get inquisitive?

A common way to get familiarized with an unexplored genre or author is to purchase its most famous work. But why splurge on a book if you’ll not like it in the end? You can read free samples that are available online.

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