What Are Platform Lifts in Appleton and Madison, WI?

Posted by accesselevatordotnet on May 10th, 2022

Property builders are concerned about providing accessibility options. Climbing the stairs painstakingly to reach the third or fourth floor is impossible for the users. Almost all developers decide in favor of installing a quality elevator. However, many commercial buildings that cater to specific demographics of the society feel the need for something extra. Ensuring proper accessibility for seniors and disabled persons can be achieved by deciding to install LU/LA elevators in DeKalb and Chicago, IL.

The United States of America has set standards for seniors and people with mobility issues. Buildings used by such individuals have to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The LU/LA elevator is included in the list of accessibility features more often than not. This makes it essential to learn about what the term means.

Well, it suffices to know that LU/LA is an acronym for Limited Use/Limited Application. Such elevators are a hybrid between a traditional commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. Sure, the appearance and functions do not differ greatly from the standard elevators, but the primary function of the LU/LA elevator is to help the mobility-challenged individual perfectly.

The builder cannot go ahead and install any elevator that seems to be spacious and equipped to have a wheelchair fit inside. Instead, it is important to check the ASME code, a must-have factor of the ADA. The details can be found in the written law introduced in 1990. It demands that the following conditions are met for the elevator to be a LU/LA.

  •  It should be able to travel vertically up to 25 feet
  •  The speed should never exceed 3 feet per minute
  •  The size of the cab should be limited to 18 square feet
  •  The maximum capacity should be equal to or less than 1400 pounds

The LU/LA elevators have proved very effective for community halls, churches, and schools. Some of the benefits that one associate with such elevators include:

  •  A person who uses a wheelchair is free to reach the upper levels of a building without being dependent on anyone
  •  The LU/LA elevator is meant to be used by one person at a time. The general public accessing the building is strictly prohibited from using it
  •  The cabin may be small compared to a conventional elevator, but it can fit a wheelchair-bound individual perfectly with ample space to store bags and medicines or other mobility aids.

Old community buildings do not have any problems installing the ADA compliant elevator. The space required is much less than a traditional elevator, with the builder being free to construct the hoistway out of wood or sheetrock instead of concrete.

It is the best option for low-rise buildings with only two or three floors. Many public utility buildings prefer to install a LU/LA elevator along with a standard elevator to cater to all sections of society.

While a stairlift helps many seniors o gain accessibility despite mobility issues, it does not work for an individual who uses a wheelchair. No worries! One can always choose to install platform lifts in Appleton and Madison, WI, that ensures accessibility for severely disabled persons.

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