Emotional intelligence is an important aspect for interns

Posted by Arpit Umrewal on May 10th, 2022

Internships give students valuable learning opportunities and as well as can help businesses find fresh talent. If we talk about accounting internships Melbourne, they have traditionally focused on technical skills, but modern internships focus on the overall growth of an individual. Individuals must acquire soft skills to be efficient and productive in their working lives. Thus, businesses must take a broader perspective on internships and help students in enhancing their soft skills to have a workforce on which they can rely.

Emotional intelligence\'s significance in an intern\'s life:

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to detect, use, and control one\'s emotions in a constructive manner. All of this helps an individual develop other important traits like thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

EQ is a useful tool to help interns enhance their soft skills and work towards a great career. Generally, mentors use EQ to help students grow in their professional life.

Now let\'s talk about some basic components of EQ.

Starting with SELF AWARENESS:

During any internship experience, students hope to learn more about themselves and their profession. Self-awareness is built up in individuals by asking pupils to demonstrate their skills, including both soft and technical skills. Self-discovery is crucial when we talk about self-awareness. Mentors can easily foster that by discussing and guiding their interns about various subjects of job life.

Then there is SELF-REGULATION.

For many people, an internship is their first professional setting, and it may be rather stressful for newbies. Good EQ is essential to control and manage all such negative emotions. Self-regulation is inculcated in an individual by two methods- modeling behavior and encouraging individuals to ponder before acting


Employers look for driven and self-directed interns who are ready to study and apply what they have learned to the job. Pupils must know the coursework taught in college and establish a connection of that with working life. This will promote the motivated and passionate behavior of an intern. Employers can aid interns in staying motivated by defining their goals, assessing their progress, and encouraging their little wins.


Empathy is a vital trait to have or inculcate in any profession. Compassion for other people helps individuals to work efficiently with others, especially in the profession of accountancy. Empathy is an important trait of an individual with high EQ. At any internship, it is vital to show empathy to interns and to teach them how to empathize with others.

Lastly, we have SOCIAL SKILLS

Another important aspect of an internship is the social element. An internship is a proven way to learn and develop one\'s social skills over a short period. In any professional setting, interns get a good time to create both personal and professional networks and learn to inculcate the trait of social skills in themselves. Mentors can teach interns how to effectively start networking in any professional setting.

An online accounting internship Melbourne is a life-changing event in a variety of ways. An internship with a good curriculum will not only help an individual in developing technical skills but also their emotional skills. Thus, employers need to focus on both, and take the effective initiative to work on the intern\'s EQ.

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