Re-Thinking Modern Bike Design

Posted by montlick on May 19th, 2016

An innovative concept bike may soon change the look of bikes as we know them. The creative director of the bike company, Specialized, set out to create a faster bike, but in doing so, he ended up re-designing traditional bicycles to what some have touted as a "super bike." He named the bike "FUCI" and felt it will become a progressive choice among bicycle enthusiasts. Along with some fun features for the user, this new bicycle design incorporates some important safety features that our truck accident lawyer in Atlanta believe could help to reduce the rate of bike accidents.

At Montlick and Associates, our personal injury lawyers welcome change within the bike industry when it could improve safety. We hope that more bike makers will start to implement new safety features that will protect bicyclists when they are on the road and at risk of being stricken by larger vehicles. We know first-hand how dangerous a bike accident can be for the bicyclist. As such, we have assisted many bicyclists receive the compensation they deserve after being involved in an accident.

New Safety Features

One of the greatest dangers bicyclists face is cars not seeing them. Bicycles are far smaller and less visible than cars, and many drivers do not anticipate a bicyclist on the road. These factors can make for dangerous riding for the cyclist. The creators of the FUCI bike took some of these safety concerns into account when they designed their innovative bike, including such features as headlights and brake lights. These components will make the bicyclist significantly more visible at night and allow other drivers to see that the bicyclist is coming to a stop. With these features, bike accident rates could diminish, particularly at night or in foggy and rainy conditions.

Decreasing Distraction

Bicyclists today will often attempt to call, text, or look up directions all while bicycling. These actions take the bicyclist's eyes and hands off the road, which can cause accidents. The FUCI concept bike allows the bicyclist to sync their smartphone with the bike, similar to a car. Further, the app will allow the cyclist to program bike routes and avoid dangerous traffic.

Improving Vision

The FUCI bike also comes equipped with a small windshield. The windshield keeps the wind, dust, and other environmental distractors away from the cyclist's eyes, which could improve the bicyclist's field of vision. The windshield concept is similar to that of many motorcycles. Today, bicycle accidents continue to occur in the thousands each year. New technology like this FUCI bike could change the face of modern biking, hopefully transforming it into a safer sport and means of transportation for all to enjoy.

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