Double the Productivity of Your Business with a Self-Dumping Hopper

Posted by Rouramh on May 19th, 2016

Time can be precious—especially for a business that deals with materials handling every day. Having a self-dumping hopper can help improve and double the productivity of your business as it reduces the amount of time, cost, and manpower required to transfer items from one place to another. Likewise, it can increase the versatility and efficiency of your workers while keeping your entire workplace safer and more hygienic.

Things a Self-Dumping Hopper Can be used for

A self-dumping hopper is a versatile materials handling equipment that is designed to handle anything from recyclables to construction materials, debris, and other materials that must be removed quickly and efficiently. The self-dumping mechanism eliminates the need for your workers to have physical contact with the materials in the vessel. This way, you do not have to worry about them getting injured or getting into an accident.

Self-dumping hoppers are constructed to be durable. A basic 2,000-4,000lbs capacity hopper are made from a 10 and 12-gauge carbon steel body and is ideal for light duty loads, like construction debris, wood, plastics, aluminum cans, paper, lightweight recyclables, and metal turnings. The compact footprint is just right for light uses and for smaller forklifts.

Larger hoppers are available with the capacity to handle 4,000 to 8,000 lbs of heavy and rugged materials, such as construction materials, rubber, glass, ash, coal, sand, stampings, metals craps, and sawdust. The best hoppers in this class have an exclusive pierced and extruded trunnion track, with taper pins for superior tracking and outstanding wear resistance.

Extra-large self-dumping hoppers have capacities of 8,000 to 10,000 lbs. These are designed to safely handle heavier and possibly dangerous loads, like hot ash, minerals, heavy construction materials, concrete, glass, castings, and forgings.

Features to Look For in a Self-Dumping Hopper

It is important for a self-dumping hopper to be constructed of high-quality and robust steel. Its body must be continuously welded to prevent leaks, and a support channel must be present for additional reinforcement on its body. Look for a self-dumping hopper with a formed top construction for optimum strength and reinforced durability, and a flip secure latch to keep the hopper in place while it is being transported. The box tube base must be of heavy duty. For larger loads, the self-dumping hopper must have two bottom support channels, with side and back angles for extra reinforcement on the body. A continuous stop bar and base to body chains provide additional reinforcement to the stops, too.

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This article is written by Mike Genter, who is associated with Roura Material Handling. Roura Material Handling produces a large variety of self dumping hoppers including durable hoppers, rugged hoppers, ultimate hoppers, behemoth hoppers as well as custom and specialty dumping hoppers for both commercial and industrial use.

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