Why Does a Student Need NCAA Athlete Representation?

Posted by athletedefendermia on May 11th, 2022

Students aspiring to pursue their academic degrees by earning a place in the top colleges and universities of the nation are often disappointed due to a lack of suitable grades. Sure, winning a scholarship opens doors, but not all students are brilliant enough to do it. No worries! Many of them who love field sports or play any other type of sport individually find it simpler to gain admission at the college of their choice by earning a sports scholarship. The only responsibility here would be to represent their college on the playing field while ensuring that their grades meet the standards of excellence.

Such individuals, known as student-athletes, have to sign a long contract with the NCAA that overlooks the administration. While the coach remains the decider, one needs to abide by the NCAA regulations. Violation may result in loss of scholarship and failure to accept transfers. Suffering from concussions without proper medical attention provided by the concerned college may grievously affect the student-athlete. Such instances have resulted in angry parents of the injured student opting for NCAA sports litigation.

Yes! It can be enormously expensive for NCAA is definite to be represented by the best lawyers in the state. Several renowned legal professionals are willing to side with the hapless student-athlete. Apart from a concussion, NCAA has often faced multiple types of legal suits filed against it. Some of the most notable litigations that have been heard in a court of law include:

The Supreme Court had to intervene for the NCAA when the suspension of the head coach for recruitment violations was appealed by the coach who sued the NCAA in 1977.

NCAA was again challenged to provide additional protection to Universities in 1993. NCAA won the case again by citing a corollary to the existent regulations.

The 2008 lawsuit involved the NCAA directly and was filed by a student-athlete. The total amount of the athletic scholarship was deemed to be less than needed by the student-athletes. The students won the early rounds forcing NCAA to come to a settlement. NCAA promised to allocate more funds to the school authorities for buying health insurance. The past student-athletes were also granted cash or additional money for advanced education.

Multiple cases remain pending in court. It helps to go through the multi-paged NCAA contract carefully before putting the signature. It must be remembered that student athletics scholarship is purely given on contractual terms, and any violation may result in revokement or reduction of the money. This is likely to place the concerned student in financial problems, often forcing the student to discontinue education.

It makes sense to look for suitable NCAA athlete representation right from Day 1. A majority of student-athletes are happy to have the regulations explained to them. This enables them to stay prepared for all eventualities. The legal professionals advise going for mediation instead of filing an expensive lawsuit that may continue for years to conclude.

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