How High Density Plastics Are Transforming Different Industries

Posted by Michael Luis on May 12th, 2022

Plastics have transformed the world in the last century. From household items to infrastructure, the use of plastics has become ubiquitous. The adoption of plastics in the industrial sector has also increased in the past century. You would be surprised to know that high density plastics have changed the industrial sector.

Over the last few decades, high density engineered thermoplastics such as Ecomass have become the material of choice for many applications. In particular, the cost and weight advantages of this material have resulted in its widespread adoption. This article explains how this high density plastic is transforming different industrial sectors.

Which industries are adopting high density engineered thermoplastics?

•    Sports Industry
•    Ammunition Industry
•    Healthcare and nuclear research facilities
•    Automobile industry

Sports Industry

The sports industry prioritizes performance. Due to this reason, this industry always looks for new materials. In the Ecomass they have the right characteristics. These days, many sports equipment manufacturers have chosen this material for golf clubs. It is one of the best high density materials that allow golfers to make long-distance shots.

Ammunition Industry

It is a scientific fact indeed that lead in bullets is very toxic to the environment. In recent years, groundwater around shooting ranges has become toxic due to this reason. For this reason, the US military has started using this new generation of bullets which are made from this material. You would be surprised to know that the US military was the key player behind the development of this material.

Healthcare and nuclear research facilities

High density engineered thermoplastics also resist ionizing radiation. After seeing its radiation shielding capability, many nuclear research facilities have made radiation shield from this material. Currently, many hospitals where cancer is treated have started using these shields for healthcare service providers.

Automobile industry

Vibration has been a big problem in the automobile industry. Fortunately, this problem can be resolved with the help of this thermoplastic composite material. Currently, it is one of the best materials that absorb vibration. Thanks to this material, you can drive the vehicle at a high speed without experiencing much vibration. Due to this reason, many OEMs have chosen this material.

The benefit of high density engineered thermoplastics

The first benefit of high density engineered thermoplastic is that it is inexpensive. Thus, it can be used in various industrial applications easily without increasing the cost. Along with this benefit, high density engineered thermoplastics can be molded easily. For this reason, precise engineering parts can be made easily with this material.

The world is always searching for better materials in almost every sector. In recent times, various new technologies and materials have been introduced to various industries to increase efficiency. High density engineered thermoplastic is one such material that has the power to transform different industries.

The adoption of high density engineered thermoplastic in the automobile industry has increased exponentially over the past few decades. Along with automobiles, sports and other industries have also understood its benefits and adopted it quickly for different applications.

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