Cause of Feeling Nausea After Drinking Alcohol

Posted by Trust care on May 12th, 2022

Many-a-times we have seen people throwing up after the consumption of alcohol, either in the morning or after a period of time which eventually makes an individual feel better internally. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that the cause of vomiting is mainly due to the internal issues which at times comes natural or at times can also be done internally. Throwing up is mainly the body’s natural manner of taking out the harmful materials outside the body which have caused ingestion inside the body. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India thus states that the processing of alcohol inside the body is mainly connected to the liver where the liver then converts the intake alcohol into a chemical which is known as acetaldehyde which is highly toxic in nature. After that the body either converts it into water or as carbon dioxide inside the body. It is known that the liver can only process this chemical once in a time where if the amount is low then it would be okay, but if it is high and the body cannot take it then the occurrence of vomiting is majorly seen.


However, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India states that there are other factors as well which may contribute towards the occurrence of vomiting inside our body. They are as follows:


?       Drinking usually causes gastritis inside our body where if the consumption of alcohol is seen to be at rise then the production of acid starts to take place where the irritation near the inner lining of the stomach starts on the move where the body starts the process of inflammation which is thus known as gastritis which goes ahead and causes stomach bleeding, stomach ache, diarrhoea, headache and vomiting as well.


?       Another possibility of vomiting could be alcoholic ketoacidosis which is mostly seen in people who have been consuming alcohol for many years and it is highly uncommon in the people who only consume alcohol in some rare occasions. In this process the individual is not able to digest the food with alcohol which causes stomach ache and then eventually turn into vomiting which can be life threatening at times and sincere medical attention should also be taken into consideration.


?       Vomiting also causes dehydration inside our body when the water level inside the body goes down with the symptoms of having a dry and a sticky mouth with a swollen tongue, having the issues of irritation, fatigueness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sincere headache, constipation, with having dry skin with issues of weight loss and also having dark yellow urine on the run as well.


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