Astrological Benefits of Emerald Gemstone

Posted by Navratan Gems on May 12th, 2022

Natural Gemstones are used for healing and as well as for fashion purposes in the 21st century. There is nothing greater to escape or prevent the ill effects of several malefic planets but here gemstones come into the picture and are used as a perfect cure for it. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss more the benefits of Emerald gemstones that can take care of all your personal and professional problems. When it comes to the name of the gemstone then the Emerald gemstone was initially translated from the Sanskrit word Marakata.


This Sanskrit word signifies “The Green of Growing Things” and there is no doubt that Emerald stone or Panna stone will make your life greener and will support you in growing in all aspects of life.  After wearing the stone, you can get the unexplored advantages of Natural Emerald Gemstone but only when the gemstone will evolve into a part of your living.


Benefits of Emerald Gemstone


  • Natural Emerald gemstone holds mesmerizing power if you desire to turn your company into another level you must wear this gemstone.


  • Emerald stone is also worthwhile if a person holds brain-related disorders such as tumors & memory failure.


  • People with stammering or speaking problems should give a try this magical green emerald stone to get rid of speaking situations.


  • Emerald stone or Panna Ratna is best recommended for those who have been created by individuals because this gemstone makes people more loyal to you.


  • It is thought that this green-colored emerald gemstone has such magical ability to bring good fortune and fortune to the wearer.


  • Emerald gemstone is also used to heal several health problems such as cardiac problems, asthma, insomnia, and ulcer.


  • Numerous types of Gastrointestinal problems including gastric, diarrhea & dysentery can be cured by this amazing Panna Ratna.


  • An individual who is working in the real estate business, publication house, teaching, and astrological field is highly suggested to start using this gemstone to become more flourishing in your life.


How to Wear Panna Stone:


  • If you are planning to wear an emerald stone then the first thing that comes to your mind is the weight of the stone. The minimum weight of the stone should be 1/12th of the body weight. For E.g. a person weighing 80 kgs, can wear a 6-carat Panna Ratna.


  • After the weight of the stone, the next thing is the color of the stone. to get the best astrological results, a bright green Panna stone is best recommended. Alternatively, you can also use natural untreated Emerald in lighter shades.


  • You can use a Panna stone gold ring or pendant for excellent results in life. In exceptional circumstances, you can use Panchdhaatu, platinum, white gold, and silver.


  • You can wear the stone on the Little finger, or the ring finger of the working hand to get the best astrological results. Wearing this stone on Wednesday, after sunrise, can give you amazing outcomes.

Buy Panna Stone Online 


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