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Posted by Cn Optics on May 19th, 2016

Founded in the year 2004, the leading optical manufacturing company in China looks forward to help you by delivering excellent quality products within the stipulated time and provide best customer care service. The company has been producing various optical components such as lenses, prisms, windows, waveplates, beam splitters, filters, mirrors, polarizer and other similar products. You can get these products not only in the best design but also in a customized way to suit your specific needs and requirements. The company delivers its products to the global market including countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Its broad customer base spans across industries, universities and government laboratories. Besides, ever since its establishment, the company has been ensuring complete client satisfaction. It also builds good relationships with its customers and gets into long-term engagement.

When talking about optical products, the Waveplates are one of a kind. There are different kinds of these products that you can choose from: zero order, multiple orders, true zero order, dual wavelength, achromatic, polarization and other accessories. All such commodities pertain to best quality and value. These are equipped with latest and advanced features, which give greater functionality. At the same time, these are affordable and more convenient. You can go through the general specifications to see which particular form of this product is suitable for your usage.

The Optical lenses are another wonderful product category that consists of signets, cylindrical lenses, achromatic lenses, rods, balls and Powell lenses. These are transparent commodities that are made from optical-quality materials. These components are curved to converge or diverges transmitted rays from any object. These rays then form a real or virtual image of the object. The company takes pride in its industry-best products and gives you complete guarantee. Each of the type of lenses have specialized use and therefore should be studied properly before purchasing. You can easily access and obtain these products and expect great assistance and support from the company.

The Achromatic lenses also known as doublets comprise of two or more elements which are usually made of crown and flint glass with differing indices of refraction. With one element being positive and the other negative; the distinct wavelengths can be easily corrected for chromatic aberration. In addition to this, these components are almost free from aspherical aberration and coma. As compared to singlet lenses, these account for superior and improvised performance. You can also choose your preferred anti-reflective coatings and avail personalized design. In short, you can highly benefit from such optical products and look forward to long-term use and high durability. Indeed, these products are affordable and have remarkable features.

You can visit the website and browse through the entire optical components collections that are offered by the company. Also get details at

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