Scratch Start TIG Welder ? How to TIG Weld with High Function TIG Welder

Posted by Kym Morgan on May 19th, 2016

Scratch start refers to do anything from the beginning with minimal equipment. It also means to start with no preparation knowledge or advantage. A scratch start is the simplest way of TIG welding. For a scratch start TIG welding job, you just need to have a stick welder, an air-cooled TIG torch, a flow meter, and an Argon gas cylinder. The air-cooled torch should have a valve that will regulate the gas flow. Otherwise, the gas will continue to flow even when you lift the torch or are done welding.

You can use a multi-feature TIG welder combined with basic tools and get the welding done. Having a high definition TIG welder has its own benefits such as customisation and versatility to deal with various metals and project requirements.

A high function TIG welder can run on 240V or 415V power sources and is excellent for personal use. It generally has a display screen so that you can see the settings you are using or the changes you are making. Some of the other features and benefits are outlined here:

•    They can be used anywhere. Portability is its USP. Most welders weigh only around 50lbs (22.5Kgs) which means that you can use it in your garage, farm, race track, or carry it to your job site.
•    They has an internal cooling system that only operates when needed. This feature allows it to cut the power consumption and reduce noise.
•    A high-end TIG welder can run on both AC and DC power sources in addition to providing AC or DC output. You do not need any extra tools or converters for a job without an appropriate power source. You just have to choose the right plug that fits into the receptacle.
•    Most of the latest high-end AC/DC TIG welders use the latest inverter technology. This allows welders to consume low power and provides a consistent and smooth welding arc.
•    The welders use an auto-post flow feature to optimize the gas post flow time. It prevents shielding gas wastage because it runs the gas only when the cooling and protecting is required.
•    For jobs where finish and appearance matters but the site may lack necessary tools, like dairy pipes and automobile repair, a high definition TIG welder is the foremost choice for a scratch start.
•    HF TIG welders work at a steady pace but their quality is exceptionally great. Their welds are almost invisible and feel smooth when touched. Its finish is simply unmatched and usually does not require any grinding after.
•    The inert shielding gases which are used in the process are non-toxic and create fewer fumes and pollutants than any other welding processes.

The biggest advantage that a high function TIG welder provides is control. You get superior arc control and you can also regulate your AC current’s frequency and output - if your HF welder has AC capability. It keeps your weld well balanced even if you are working on various metals over the course of the job.

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